AD // As the Christmas season approaches, postmen and women and delivery workers are going to be busier than ever. As a nation, we’re going to be ordering more products and sending more parcels than probably any other time in the year. For online businesses and consumers, it’s one of the most important times of the year!

Before we start, this time of year is SO busy and stressful for a lot of people, so please be kind to your delivery drivers! Delays aren’t often their fault and like the rest of us, they’re just trying to get through the most stressful time of year! 

But back to the point. For online businesses, life is about to get extra hectic. As a consumer, I love purchasing products from small online businesses; not just so I can support them but also because their products are usually made with so much love and more unique than what you find in the shops.

All those little details and extra touches are so important when sending items to customers from your online business. They can make the world of difference and also determine whether a customer is going to come back again.

So Christmas is a FANTASTIC time of year to really hone in on those finer details of your online business, go above and beyond for your loyal customers and send that bit of extra love and magic in the post to them.

Here are 5 super easy ways you can make your parcels a little extra special this year:

First of all, your packaging is important!

Not only for Christmas but all throughout the year. Who else has received a parcel before where the item has been thrown in an old tattered box or wrapped slap dash with old newspaper? It doesn’t look great does it! Bespoke packaging can be really important to your small online business so don’t scrimp on packaging!

Add in some extra Christmas sparkle 

Sequins, confetti or some sort of sparkle is a cute addition to packages this time of year. Perhaps if you’re using something with glitter in it, check that’s it’s glitter that can be recycled and is sustainable.

Include a Christmas card

Another nice touch for this time of year would be to include a Christmas card in your packaging. I know most online businesses will add a small card or a note to say thank you but to send an extra special parcel this year, consider sending a personalised Christmas card to your customer.

Offer an exclusive Christmas discount (if you’re able to)

Obviously this isn’t going to be an option for all small online businesses and that’s absolutely fine if that’s the case for you. But if you ARE able to, offering your customers an exclusive discount when they order something to be included in their package, perhaps on a nice card could be a great extra special gift this year.

Sweet treats never go amiss 

I love it when brands include sweets in their parcels – but that’s jut me! Perhaps not all the time but for special occasions, I think it’s a lovely touch. I recently bought something from Fabulous Hannah’s new brand, Sunnyside Co. and she included a whole packet of Candy Kittens!

Do you have a small online business? How do you make your parcels extra special? Would you add anything else to this list?


  1. Love all of these ideas and can’t agree more on how much choosing great packaging is important! Both for sustainability and something that appeal the eye. Love the add on of a Christmas card or thank you notes, something so special that many small businesses do x

  2. Great post! I don’t have a small business but I always love seeing them on Etsy, and the personal touches of sequins, notes etc makes them so lovely to receive!

  3. These are great tips! I love supporting small businesses. The packaging adds such a nice and special touch that you normally wouldn’t get from big retailers. Little notes and thank you cards are always appreciated!

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