ad collaborative post // We all know that it is tough to not worry about your child. They are the biggest blessings in our lives and we should make sure that we can protect them in every way till they are capable of taking care of themselves. You should take care of their physical health, mental health, and even small aspects such as skincare.

Their young years are the ones that define their skin for the rest of their lives. You should make sure that you use organic products and keep their skin clean and healthy as much as you can. We have talked to a few expert dermatologists to come up with a list of tricks to help you take care of your newborn’s skin.

Keep your baby out of the sun

The FDA, which is a verified trusted source, says you should avoid exposing your baby to the sun at all costs. They also specify that in particular, you shouldn’t let them go outside in the middle of winter with bare skin exposed. Instead, they recommend the following:

  • shield your baby from the sun as much as possible
  • put your baby in a hat that covers the neck and ears
  • dress your baby in light, loose-fitting clothing that covers the arms and legs
  • limit the time you spend outside to between 10a – 4p when UV rays are strongest

It’s also important to make sure your baby is hydrated when you spend more than a few minutes outside. Breastmilk or formula can help provide the needed moisture they need while enjoying the great outdoors.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests avoiding putting sunscreen on babies younger than 6 months old. However, they advise that children older than six months old use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15.

Don’t worry about cradle cap

Cradle cap is a very common skin condition in infants, starting at 3 weeks and continuing to 3 months of age. The plaques are yellowish, greasy-looking patches of skin around your baby’s scalp and the crown of their head.

A cradle cap can also appear on the forehead, eyebrows, and around the ears. Before you give your baby a bath, rubbing their scalp with some mineral oil might help them get through the process. After that, all you need is a gentle shampoo and warm water.

Get good products for your child

After a few months, you will need to get some products in order to help your child’s skin be healthy and nourished. You should check out the different ingredients in baby skincare products in order to determine which one is the best for your child.

Try out products that use natural ingredients for your child’s moisturizer, body wash, and powder. Make sure that it does not irritate their skin. A test patch of any product is recommended for children before using it all over.

Watch for nail growth

Even though your baby’s nails are small and thin, they might still come with minor scratch risks. Long or sharp nails can cause scratches on the face or body, so it’s good to keep an eye on their growth.

Baby nails grow at a fast rate, so it’s not unusual to need to help your baby out with their grooming. Non-metal nail files can smooth and shorten the nails, or you may prefer using a baby nail clipper instead.

It is important to establish a skincare routine for your child. Try out these tricks in order to help you give them healthy skin.

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