A few weeks ago, I hosted a Twitter chat with the topic being, “Life Before, During and After Blogging”. One of my questions for the people taking part was, “How has your life changed since you started blogging? What has blogging brought to your life that it didn’t have before?” I literally couldn’t answer my own question because a 140 character limit wouldn’t have been nowhere near enough for me to accurately describe what blogging has brought to my life.


So I thought I’d love to write a blog post about it and go into much more detail about all the elements of my life that have changed – for the better – since I started blogging. I have no doubt that some of these will apply to you reading this. Some of them might not. People who aren’t bloggers may not understand how something seemingly as simple and writing stuff online can have such an impact on a person. I’m sure whoever you are and whatever your hobbies or passions are; there will be something in your life that has changed it for the better. Blogging has changed my life in many ways; here are a few of them.

The friends I’ve made

When I started blogging, I knew that it was likely I’d meet other bloggers online, read other blogs and maybe communicate with the blogger about their post I’d just read. But I had absolutely no idea how many bloggers and authors I’d meet, let alone how many I’d have the privilege to soon call my friends. There’s some sort of stigma attached to making friends online and having friends who you only speak to through a phone or computer but the friends I’ve made and the people I’ve met have definitely enhanced my life. My now best friend I met through blogging!

My confidence has grown

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post about my anxiety story (which you can read, here) and although this is something I still struggle with on a daily basis, blogging has allowed me to use this creative outlet to show people who I really am and boost my confidence. Having a blog readership and following is also quite a daunting thing (as well as something I never thought would happen!) but it’s boosted my confidence by showing me people want to read what I write. A few months ago, I hosted my very first Twitter chat as well – I was so nervous but the buzz I got during it was something that had a massive positive impact on my confidence.

I have goals

I’ve never ever known what I wanted to do in life. I was one of those people that changed their dream job every week; one week in was joining the police force and the next it was a fitness instructor. Although along the way, I’ll probably have other little jobs, dabble in other things, that won’t take away the fact that blogging has given me set goals which I’m aiming for and working on. One of them, as you’ve probably guessed, is to become an author and get my manuscript published. The other, is to grow and expand my blog touring business; hopefully to the point where I can take someone else on board to help me. If someone told me 2 years ago I’d own my own business and I’d be halfway through writing a book, I would have laughed!

It’s made me more driven

This kind of ties in with the point above but blogging has definitely made me more driven, motivated and hard-working. I’ve never had something that was just mine before. I love my blog to be my own little space on the internet, so obviously I want to work hard to make it the best it can possibly be. But it’s not just my blog that keeps me driven; my blog touring business keeps me working hard because obviously I want authors to have the best tours possible. I’ve also taken it upon myself to get involved in things and even organise fundraising events. There’s always something new to do when it comes to blogging.

It’s kept me inspired

I personally don’t think there’s much worse than being uninspired. Being at a point where nothing interests you or you don’t want to pursue anything because you simply don’t care. I’ve never had a hobby that’s kept me interested enough before. I’ve tried so many things from instruments to drama to dancing and nothing felt right. Although I’ve had the odd blogging break where I’ve had to take some time out for myself, there’s been very few times where I’ve felt completely uninspired. How could I possibly be when there’s so much around and so many interesting people to be inspired by?

New opportunities

Since I started blogging, I’ve experienced so many new things. It’s helped me learn to grab opportunities before they go; big or small ones, open myself up to new experiences – even ones that might not necessarily be for me and don’t rule anything out. Even relatively small things, like being offered a review copy or having a quote on the back of a book are things I never thought I’d have the chance to do before I’d started. I’ve seen some bloggers talk about how it’s always other people who get the opportunities but everything I’ve achieved and done since I started blogging, I’ve worked bloody hard for. It’s not about waiting for someone to hand you an opportunity on a plate. It’s about seeking them out, working hard and creating your own. And I’ve learnt that more so than ever since I started blogging.

It makes me happy

Above all else, blogging has made me so much happier than I ever thought it would for all the reasons above combined. I know now I have friends and acquaintances to talk to whenever I need to or people to ask for advice about whatever subject I might need it in. I know if I’m bored, I have something to do or if I’m feeling down, I have achievements to remind myself that things aren’t so bad. Blogging has opened my up to a whole new world and made me appreciate the little things a lot, lot more.

If you’re a blogger, I’d love to hear about how blogging has changed you or your life!


  1. Great post! Blogging has personally led me to a few friends I trust. It has led me to what I consider to be a safe place to put my thoughts, and finally a place to share my bookworm fangirling. I felt so pent up as I find less readers in people here.. Blogging has also shown me people who like the genres I do! Again I love your posts!

  2. Beautiful post, and I also had a look at your anxiety post and I also really liked that. I also suffer from anxiety and writing about it on the blog has helped me immensely. On top of that, people have opened up to me about their stories with anxiety, and they’ve motivated me to seek professional help a lot sooner.

    Blogging keeps me busy, as I’m doing a lot better with my anxiety but I’m still mostly house bound. It gives me something to do that feels productive (rather than watching TV) and I have something to look at and go, “Look at this, this is what I’ve created” and it feels really good.

    I love how the first thing on your list is the people. I’ve been blogging for just over a year and I can’t stress enough how lovely everyone is!

    1. I have to agree with everything you’ve said! The “Look what I’ve created from scratch” feeling is one that definitely resides well with me and makes me proud of myself even when sometimes, I can’t do much else. It’d be great to have a proper chat with you about this because as I said, I think our experiences sound very similar! (: xx

  3. This is such a lovely & positive post. I don’t think people realise how much blogging can change your life and make you grow as a person.

    It’s especially lovely to read how it’s given you goals in life. I think life can pass you by sometimes and it’s easy to get stuck in a routine. It’s fab to have those goals again about getitng posts out and making you more driven.

    Blogger & The Geek

  4. I’ve only been blogging a month or so, but just the exposure to more persons who love to read has been fantastic! Plus the exposure to so many new books is fantastic though you feel you’re drowning hahaha!

    1. Hahaha I can very much agree with that! Who knew there were so many amazing books in the world?! I don’t think I would have come across a fraction of them if I hadn’t started book blogging! xx

  5. I’m so glad how much better you feel after blogging! I think I’ve gained a lot more confidence and self assurance in myself. I believe in myself a lot more and I know more what I want to do in the future which is great. I still have a long way to go with gaining followers and an idea for my blog etc. but I’m so proud with how far I’ve already come 🙂
    Shona x

    1. Aww this is so nice to hear, Shona! It’s amazing when blogging can give you that clear vision about what you want that you didn’t previously know. It’s so nice to know that it’s increased your confidence and self-assurance too! Blogging is hard work and gaining a following takes time but as long as it’s making you happy and you’re enjoying the process then that’s the main thing, right? (: xx

  6. This is a great post Jenny and despite my blog being small, I can relate to most of them. It’s took a while but I now have a number of bloggers who I enjoy speaking to on Twitter, with things in common with them. I love my growing list of F1 buddies – as I said on twitter, how great would it be to watch a race with you all, especially with us all supporting different drivers!

    I’ve found that blogging inspires and motivates me too. For me it is because I see how much other bloggers do, not necessarily with their blogs, but in their life and it motivates me to do more too. It’s helped me a lot with time management as i’ve had to juggle it with the other stuff i’m doing at the moment. I’m a big time waster otherwise.

    It would be interesting to read other peoples responses to this questions, you could maybe do a post like Corinne from SkinnedCartree does with peoples responses from the chat.

    Here’s to blogging!


    1. Hi Amy! It’s been so nice to meet you through a shared love of F1! I love seeing our little F1 Twitter group grow – who knew there were so many other fans out there?! Haha! It would be AMAZING to all watch a race together. I wonder if this could be arranged for next year? I reckon hell would break loose when someone’s favourite gets hit by someone else’s hahaha 😉

      I’m glad you find blogging as a big motivator and I agree with that – seeing other peoples lives through their blog has really opened up my own too and made me aware of things I wasn’t before. Even if it’s simply a new book or an online opportunity – it’s still something to grow and enhance your own life! Here’s to blogging indeed and many more years of it! xx

  7. This is such a great post! I think for me personally blogging has dramatically improved my confidence, I’m still quiet but I feel now that I have something I can show off about and something that I can be really proud of 🙂
    Also I completely agree with your point about blogging making me happy, even after a year I still get a feeling of happiness and excitement when I open up my blog! Hopefully that will never go away… x

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, that’s so nice to hear and I’m so glad blogging has increased your confidence! It’s amazing how it does that isn’t it? You definitely should feel proud – blogging is hard work and I think a lot of people don’t realise that! I hope that feeling will never go away too, I have no doubt things will change along the way but as long as blogging makes you happy, that’s all that matters right? (: xx

  8. Great post Jenny, I did my own anxiety post this week and blogging has helped me become more sociable, something I always avoided like the plague. I love being part of the community and it is nice to meet new people who have actually heard of x book and y book!

    1. Oh I’m so glad to hear how much blogging has helped you Heather! As an anxiety sufferer myself I can totally 100% relate and agree with that! It really does bring you out of your shell and although it’s all done online, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have as much of an impact! Start small and work your way up (: xx

  9. You have lovingly given all of your reasons with a voice and a passion for what you do – and I absolutely love seeing that. I sincerely want to say “well done”. I’ve had a book blog for years – I’ve worked on my book review blog daily since the beginning of this year. (there is a huge difference) The satisfaction, the joy, the headaches, the friends, the not so nice people, the simply amazing people – it all goes hand in hand with what we have chosen to do. Express our love of the written word, in our own words. I would not change what I do for anything in the world. It has opened me up to new experiences, new people, and new risks. I am truly doing something that I can honestly say I love waking up every day to do. And for a person fighting depression that is an amazing thing to say. (and no, I’m not ashamed to say that because it’s true).

    Thank you for this post. My your every wish be realized… and more that you weren’t expecting.

    1. Thank you so much for this amazing comment! I absolutely love receiving messages like this and thank you for sharing your reasons why blogging means so much to you, too. It’s so nice to hear about how much someone else loves it – despite the ups and downs all bloggers will inevitably go through. Wishing you all the best with your blogging journey too! 🙂 xx

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