I miss being young. Or young-er. I miss Primary school and secondary school. I miss not having to worry about life or work or money. I miss my only worry being what games we would be playing at Brownies that evening or who’s house me and my friends would be going round that weekend. I’ve been incredibly lucky and had a fantastic childhood and fantastic teenage years and whilst I’m forever grateful, I do get sad sometimes over how fast they went and I end up extremely nostalgic. And often in tears. Here are 15 things I deeply miss about being younger!

15 Things I Deeply Miss About Being Younger

  1. Turkey Dinosaurs (although I don’t miss these that much because I still have them now and again but they were just that little bit better when you’re 8)
  2. MSN: Running home from school to talk to my friends who I had just spent the last 6 hours with at school
  3. Speaking of school, I miss that too. Primary and secondary – I loved every minute of it. I was incredibly lucky to go to such good schools, have a solid group of friends, got good grades and had a lot of amazing opportunities.
  4. Like school trips. Oh gosh I miss school trips! Especially residential trips and spending a week in a new place with your friends, exploring and learning. I was lucky enough to go to Devon, Cornwall, Paris twice and skiing in the Alps with my schools.
  5. Hanging out in town every weekend with my group of misfit friends doing absolutely nothing but having the best time anyway
  6. Barbies. I played with Barbies until a shameful age because I loved building them houses and got a little obsessed.
  7. Birthday parties: Swimming parties, McDonald’s parties, Sports parties. We knew how to have a good time at the age of 7.
  8. Video tapes instead of DVD’s and Netflix. And renting them from blockbuster. RIP.
  9. Telling my mum I was ‘going raaand Scott’s wiv everyone’ but really we were getting drunk in a field (one time, we swear we saw a dead body in a bag. Too much WKD for us)
  10. Spending all day traipsing around London, with no plans but having the most incredible day. Starbucks and Nandos in Westfield’s pretending we’re Kate Moss or getting ridiculous make-up done in Camden pretending we’re Taylor Momsen.
  11. PlayStation 1. Need I say more?
  12. GCSE’s. I realise I’m sounding more and more like Hermione Granger by the minute but I genuinely do miss the feeling of exam season. I loved my subjects and loved revising. I worked hard and the importance of our GCSE exams is a feeling I miss.
  13. Lack of technology: Spending hours on Paint? YES. Waiting 3 hours for your computer to start? YES. Snake being the best game in the world? TRIPLE YES.
  14. Furbies, Bang on the Door, Bubblegum Club, Hey! Arnold, Recess, The Powerpuff Girls, Rugrats, Goosebumps, Tamagotchi – all the nostalgia! *cries*
  15. Having all the hopes, dreams and ambitions for the future.

What do you miss about being younger? About Primary or Secondary school? Are you a 90’s kid like me and remember any of these things? Let me know!


  1. […] loved school – primary and secondary. I still remember year 6 so vividly and it terrifies me how fast it all went. If I could go back […]

  2. I miss the sense of wonder and mystery of being a kid. There is a comforting dependence on others who you have faith in guiding your life. Of course there are the occasional spats with family that hopefully bring your closer in the end. Toys, music and other things that make childhood awesome I am sure many miss.

  3. I definitely get nostalgic sometimes, but I do’t think I’d want to go back, and I would sure as hell not be going back to middle school/high school. They were the WORST. I miss the music program from my high school. I get nostalgic anytime I see a marching band play at a football game because that was something that meant a lot to me, but I did not have great friends during those years and in general high school was kind of miserable lol.

    Katie @ http://www.katsyxo.com

  4. Oh man, furby. I remember when they first came out & my brother & I were at the store with my mum? My brother screams “mum, they have furbies here!!* pointing & jumping up & down & everyone around us losing their minds and running to get them.

    I miss those 1st Gen furbies.

    1. Hahaha it’s funny cos they weren’t even that great were they? 😂 I remember mine was white with green eyes and soooo annoying! I was in a shop I can’t remember now with my mum picking one out!

      1. Annoying yes, but oh so cute XD mine broke & I honestly thought it was gonna explode. It made this horrible buzzing noise that wouldn’t stop & I cried I was so upset. Mine was white & pink with grey/black spots all over.

        I cuddled that thing all the time. Idk how. They were very hard under the furry fabric

    1. We just have far too much to worry about now as adults. I don’t even think our parents age has this much to worry about. I have some fantastic memories from home as a child too – family holidays. I miss those.

      1. I agree. I think there’s more for us to worry about nowadays than our parents. That’s why I hate it when the Baby Boomer Generation calls our generation lazy, when there are so many things nowadays that were more accessible to them when they were out age than now. They just have no idea. =P

  5. I was primarily a loner in elementary school, and while my social circle did improve a little as I got older and I generally got good grades and all, my pre-college years weren’t really memorable. The best of times were when I didn’t have to be in those environments; when at home or with friends who I befriended in environments other than school.

  6. OMG yes! MSN, getting drunk in a field, primary school, tamagotchis, furbies, dream phone, watching films as a family, oven food, a cardboard box full of chocolate at my nana’s that I could dive into without even asking….. So much stuff! Ahhh I’m gonna cry haha xx

      1. I know! I work in a primary school and I always get so sad when the year 6s leave. It’s like, you all think you’re going on to better things but you aren’t. Everything is down hill from here!! Xx

      2. Oh my goodness yes! I think the saddest thing is how quickly we wanted to grow up and how we couldn’t wait to get older and go to work and whatever. How wrong were we? I wish I could go back in time and tell my 9 year old self to enjoy it more and make the most of it more xx

  7. I also grew up with no facebook, google or anything like that and miss that. If I’d realised how much these things would take over I would probably have enjoyed my time before them even more than I did. I miss the lack of responsibility, playing in the street in the summer till 10pm, my dad’s sunday roasts and having bundles of confidence and absolutely no fear. I used to roller skate along residential roads at speed with no protective gear at all and never fell over, now I can barely stand in skates without worrying about hurting myself despite wearing pads and a helmet. 😨

    1. Yes you make such a good point about Facebook etc! I definitely think I would have appreciated not having it more if I could see the future and realise how dependant everyone would end up on it – and Twitter etc. It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come. It makes me kinda sad sometimes. I crave a simpler time sometimes. Oh god I remember roller skating too! So much fun! Not having to worry about being out with friends till late. Everyone is so worried about everything these days. I never went out with a phone or anything when I was younger! And my parents didn’t care or worry. Now kids need a phone, a sat nav and a bloody tracking device.

      1. I know! It’s ridiculous. I can understand parents being concerned but like you I never went out with a phone years ago (mainly because they didn’t exist) but now I see comments from parents who think letting children walk to school or play outside is neglectful parenting. Sorry, but what!?!! I despair sometimes. 😨

        Thankfully I can still skate, even if I do need protective gear these days. I think we lose the fun from our childhoods when we get older. We forget what it was like and I think that is not doing us any good, we should all have a bit of fun and silliness every now and then.

      2. Exactly! I swear the older I get, the more problems that people make up for themselves. I don’t remember any of the silly things people are worrying about or offended over when I was little? I completely agree – we do forget what it’s like to have fun and not care about what people think.

      3. We definitely forget what its like to have uninhibited fun but then it’s also frowned upon because being an adult (especially the older you get) means you are supposed to be sensible and mature (or boring, in my opinion!). And like you say, the silly things people worry about are forgotten about in a few years, life is way to short to be serious all of the time. I could go on about this for days, it bothers me so much but I’d better not. 😉

  8. Although I enjoy technology and social media, I do look back with great fondness when there was no internet, no google, no facebook. We had to stay in touch by going to see the person you wanted to talk to.

    1. Yes! I agree! Although I always had technology to some degree, it was minuscule compared to now. I’m like you, I love technology – I love blogging and I wouldn’t have a business if it wasn’t for technology but I miss the old times without it! xx

  9. MSN was legendary! Chatting away with your crush and all that good stuff haha. I definitely miss school as well, it was horrible at times with bullying and being left out etc. but there were so many good times as well. I’m only 20 though so definitely not old but I’m not a teen or kid anymore either.


    1. Ahhh MSN was just the BEST wasn’t it? I’m sorry to hear about your bullying but I’m really glad you still have some good memories of school to look back on (: although you’re only 20, I bet school feels like a million years ago doesn’t it? It definitely does for me and I’m only 23! xx

  10. Oh my god so much nostalgia! The thing I miss most is not having responsibility, and all the great cartoons and TV shows that were on Saturday mornings!

  11. I’ll take it back another generation and change gender:
    1. The Eagle and Dan Dare
    2. Just William books
    3. Rin tin tin and the Lone Ranger on Telly (in Black and White)
    5. Tinned spaghetti on toast.
    6. Going off for the day with David & Ian and nobody worrying about us.
    7. When Double Diamond & Whitbread Tankard were “Good beers”
    8. Blue Nun & Mateus Rose.(we had a forward-looking Cub pack)
    9. 6 of us in a Mini going down to Bath to a Festival! http://www.ukrockfestivals.com/bA1.html & running out of petrol on the way back!
    10. Finding out about girls!

  12. Nothing! I had a difficult childhood and all the things I enjoyed were the things that took me away from home, such as school and RedRover tickets for all day weekend bus travel.
    Now I have a home of my own, I wouldn’t go back. I try not to look back.

    1. Ah a good few of mine weren’t actually AT home – I loved school, the independence and being away from home and experiencing all things away from my comfort zone. It’s funny how when you’re in school you never once think you’ll miss it, I mean it’s SCHOOL. But you do. It gives us so much. I’m sorry to hear you had a difficult childhood – hopefully you have something good to look back on but the most important thing is the present (: and you sound like you’re doing fabulously in that (: xx

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