What Disney means to me

A little while ago, I ran a poll on Twitter asking what kind of posts you’d like to see more of from me. I’m sure most of the people who voted just voted on the general kind of blog posts they like reading from anyone – not me specifically (I don’t think I’m that special) but still, I like to take on board what people enjoy reading and try and cater to that. One of the most popular options was Disney. Which surprised me a little bit. I know there’s a humongous Disney community on Twitter but there’s also a humongous amount of people who aren’t that bothered about Disney or who like it but wouldn’t necessarily go out of their way to read Disney related blog posts.

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15 Things I Deeply Miss About Being Younger

I miss being young. Or young-er. I miss Primary school and secondary school. I miss not having to worry about life or work or money. I miss my only worry being what games we would be playing at Brownies that evening or who’s house me and my friends would be going round that weekend. I’ve been incredibly lucky and had a fantastic childhood and fantastic teenage years and whilst I’m forever grateful, I do get sad sometimes over how fast they went and I end up extremely nostalgic. And often in tears. Here are 15 things I deeply miss about being younger!

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15 Things Everyone Will Understand if You Used MSN

I was an avid MSN user as a 14 year-old grunger / emo kid. I have so many funny memories from it – ridiculous conversations and dressing up like shepherds on webcam to my friends. It was the days where technology had started to really come into our lives and along with Myspace, MSN was the greatest invention ever. Are you guilty of any of the below?

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