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Buying a mirror is not as simple as it seems. Besides obvious form and style there is another aspect that most people never consider. And that is functionality. Now, you might think that every mirror is the same and does the same job. That is only partially true. Differences between mirrors can be extreme and while some of them will be perfect for one job, they will suck at other things. Still don’t believe me? Ok, let’s make some examples so you understand what I’m talking about.

Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

  1. Regular mirror

Every family has at least one regular mirror. This mirror is commonly placed in bathroom and its main purpose is for hygiene and putting makeup. Common mirrors are a rather rudimentary product when it comes to their function: they help you see your face. Nevertheless, they come in various shapes which is precisely the reason why you can always find something for your home.

The main issue with these mirrors is their simplicity; there are much better models for checking you makeup and outfit. As time went by, mirror producers realized this and started creating products that will supplement/replace the regular mirrors.

  1. Folding mirror

Folding mirror is great due to its ability to cover several angles. They are quite compact and you can store them in rather small space.

Precisely this ability to change the angle is what makes them so appealing. While regular mirror can show you just one part of your face (or body) folding mirrors allow you to see sides of your head. Ok, this may seem as a small adjustment but it can help in certain situations.

Good thing about this type of mirror is that it can be folded which means that it will take much less space. Otherwise, three screens may be too much for small bathrooms.

  1. Hollywood mirror

Hollywood mirror is oftentimes referred to as professional makeup mirror.

This perfectly exemplifies its use; unlike some other mirrors on this list, Hollywood mirror puts light on your face from various angles. As a result, there are no dead corners which might conceal poor appliance of makeup. At all times you can be certain that you did a good job.

Have in mind that this type of a mirror doesn’t necessarily have to be placed in your bathroom. They also work well in bedrooms. To be honest, they are in fact much better when placed in a bedroom as they allow you to relax during makeup process (which may take a while sometimes).

  1. LED mirror

LED mirrors are somewhat of a Hollywood mirror spinoff. However, they aren’t as good for makeup. The two main differences are design and efficiency. LED mirrors have a very modern design making them a much better fit for homes with modern interior.

Another advantage of a LED mirror is that they are really, really energy-efficient. LED bulbs last several times longer than the regular bulbs making them a great choice.

  1. Swinging mirror

With all the advantages of a folding mirror, it still can pose problems sometimes. This is why swinging mirror was invented.

Swinging mirror is attached to a stick and it can rotate both left and right. It can also move left and right. This means it can be static but you also have the ability to manipulate it and adjust it according to your current needs.

Conclusion: World of mirrors is such an incredible place. There are so many models to choose from. Have in mind that you always have to consider functionality. As you can see, it does matter at the end of the day.

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