Guys, guys, GUYS… It’s August and I have my first Christmas post up. Me… the person that hates Christmas – has a Christmas post up. In August. I’m actually really surprised at myself because I’ve been thinking about Christmas more than is normal for me lately – maybe because I am just so sick of summer, I’m willing it to hurry up and leave so we can get back into Autumn and Winter, fluffy jumpers and socks and Christmas shopping again. Anyway! I’ve mentioned before that I adore buying gifts for people. The whole process of finding the perfect gift is so special and I put so much time and energy into gift buying. I’d love to start my Christmas shopping earlier this year as well, so here is a small gift guide; sponsored by Uncommon Goods, so you can find all these gorgeous products on their website!

Through the Woods Tealight Holder
My mum absolutely loves candles – the more candles in the house the better! And you can bet during the evening, she always has at least one candle lit. This is always amplified at Christmas and that’s not surprising, as Christmas is the perfect time for lots of pretty candles to compliment the tree and the fairy-lights. I absolutely adore this tealight holder – tealights are so easy and cheap to get hold of and you can usually buy them in huge packs so you don’t run out for a long time. This tealight holder is absolutely stunning and although it’s not officially “Christmassy”, I think it could look so gorgeous lit up on Christmas Eve. This would be a perfect present for my mum!

Indulgent Food Pillows
Christmas is definitely the time to snuggle up and embrace fluffy blankets and all the pillows. And nobody can have too many pillows on their bed can they? I bloody love these food pillows – the perfect gift for a food lover, especially one with a sweet tooth. They would brighten a room for sure and I love how quirky they are. I think these would be a great present for my best friend – she’s definitely a lover of anything sweet and we’ve shared mounts of chocolate and sweet treats between us before.

Men’s Herbal Warming Socks
My dad doesn’t really “do” Christmas. However I still always get him a gift or 2 because I couldn’t face getting gifts for everyone else and nothing for me. He’s pretty happy with small things and never asks for anything but it’s always nice to treat him even in a small way. Another thing about my dad is that he is always cold and I mean always! I think these Herbal Warming Socks would be a perfect gift for him – dad’s and their slippers can be pretty inseparable! I think these would make a sweet gift and a gift where the recipient knows you’re thinking about them and their needs. It’s also something that they will get a lot of use out of!

What I Love About You by Me Book
I know this is going to be super sappy and outwardly, I’m not romantic or sappy at all but when it comes to gifts for my boyfriend I can definitely get a bit sappy and wanting to buy him something really, really nice and personal. I love the sound of this book where you write things you love about the other person. Imagine buying this a month or so before Christmas and getting it all filled in so when they open it, there’s loads of things written in there? It would make your partner feel so loved and special and I adore the idea of this book. And at just £7.62, it’s not an expensive gift but will be worth much more in sentiment.

Are you looking forward to Christmas and how do you go about gift buying? Where are your favourite places to shop for Christmas gifts? Are you a fan of any of those mentioned here?

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  1. I am so excited about Christmas, I am one of those people that start my shopping and counting down in July. I have actually checked two people off my list completely already and am starting to buy things here and there for the rest, so this post comes at a great time for me. I think I just really love giving gifts.

    1. Awh wow! I’m not a huge fan of Christmas to be honest, haven’t been for a few years now. I’m going to try and embrace it more this year though. I am however, very very organised and love buying gifts too! Amazing you’ve already sorted out 2 people!

  2. Oh what a lovely idea that book is! Definitely going to purchase that for my boyfriend and the tealight holder is gorgeous, we have a similar one but it’s glass and so pretty light up by the Christmas tree x

    1. Wow I bet your glass tealight holder looks stunning when it’s lit and with all the lights. We have a few holders but they’re metal and they like, spin around when the heat is on them? They’re quite nice! I love the book too (: xx

  3. I really don’t want it to be Christmas yet; I’m enjoying summer so much.
    But when it comes to Christmas shopping I normally start making a list early, listening and remembering what someone mentions and then getting it for them. I adore surprising my family with gifts.

    1. I am sick to death of summer! I was sick to death of it before it even started to be honest haha. Yeah I love doing that and picking up on little things people say and note it down! (: xx

  4. This is definitely an early Christmas-post, ha!

    I always make an Excel-file – really, I do that – with all the people I want to buy a gift for. Then the brainstorming begins. I always try to find things that fit them and are definitely personal. I like thinking that they remind that specific Christmas – or just me – whenever they see / use their gift.
    I do tend to fall back on Etsy- and Redbubble-shops a lot, but that’s simply because I love supporting people that share their passions on their. Besides, you can find lovely things that are easily very personal once you find the right present for a certain person.

    [I actually gave that book to my boyfriend for our one year anniversary and he loved it. I still catch him reading it sometimes, haha.]

    I have some candle-addicted friends, so will definitely check out uncommongoods when I get on to my Christmas shopping!

    1. Wow a FILE?! You are organised with your gift giving! Fortunately I don’t have that many people to give to so it doesn’t warrant a file haha. I love supporting small shops and artists and sellers too. I’ve bought a couple of gifts for my mums birthday from bloggers who have etsy shops (: xx

      1. I have to or I’d forget people, haha! The list includes my family, my boyfriend’s family and then our friends. We can’t possibly remember everything for everyone without having some kind of decent list. :’)
        [Besides, it’s one we use to just add ideas to throughout the year. Comes in handy for birthdays as well!]

        Wonderful! I haven’t done that for my mother – yet – since she always asks for certain things she’d like. This year will be different!

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