If you are looking to get closer to your family members, or just joined forces with a new partner, you should be thinking about setting up a themed family night when you can all bond together and have fun. Planning the night will help you understand the views of new family members, and discuss issues you usually don’t have time to talk about. Below you will find a few bonding activities you can try, so you can enjoy being together and sharing some fun.

1. Cooking Dinner Together

If you would like to make a dinner that everyone likes and appreciates, there is no better way to complete the task than planning the meal together. From homemade pizzas to sandwiches made by the kids and healthy snacks, there are several options. You should print off a couple of recipes and ask family members to vote during the week, so you can get the ingredients together and prepare the family meal for a night in. Give everyone a job, and get the conversation going with some fresh lemonade or fruit juice.

2. Reading

Smaller kids simply want to cuddle up and listen to stories at night to be entertained. You can pick a book and take turns to read about it. Even if you have teenagers, you will find this activity interesting. You can learn more about what they are into, and what type of action or adventure books they like reading. Instead of watching TV, teach your kids how to use their imagination and discuss some of the characters in the book.

3. Gaming

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In case you are fed up with your kids being in their room all night playing on their games console, it might be time to get involved. You can get spare controllers, either borrow them or buy them from a local computer shop, and join in the fun. Your kids will be happy to show you all the different tips and tricks they picked up, and enjoy beating you at every game. Check out Final Fantasy 15 for download to find out how your kids can use their imagination and learn how to make quick decisions while playing the game.

4. Fighting Fantasy Games

If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, you might remember the fighting fantasy gamebooks, such as Gates of Death and The Warlock of the Firetop Mountain. The good news is that you can now take on the challenge with your kids, as the online version of some of the action books is available on the internet. Play fighting fantasy online, and introduce your kids to this fun activity. Take turns to read and make a decision. With only a computer and a dice, you can have endless fun, and bond with kids of all ages.

5. Acting Out

Those who want to have some fun and encourage their kids to develop their communication skills can find online drama games that will encourage participants to act out scenes. You can play “guess the movie” with older kids, or “I am an animal” with younger ones. No matter if you would like to have some fun during the night, or spot acting talent, you can find the right game for the family to enjoy.

6. Truth or Dare

Older kids will enjoy playing Truth or Dare with their parents and stepparents. You will need to set clear rules, and make sure everyone is comfortable with the set of questions. If you want to give your kids a job, they can set up an app to create the questions and challenges randomly. You can play truth or dare, or a modified version, such as “three truths one lie”, so you can get to know everyone better.

7. Planning a Family Vacation

If you are having a hard time agreeing on the destination of your next vacation, you could plan it together after a family dinner. You can ask for suggestions, and vote for the Top Three places. Once you have the top destinations, you can ask people to create a presentation or speech convincing the other members of the family why they should pick the place. You can vote again after the speeches, and agree on the next vacation easier.

8. Scrapbook Making

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You can get creative, and fill a family album with different pictures, add captions and dates, and have loads of fun while doing it. You could even take your scrapbooking to the next level with a scrapbook die cut machine. You can use a die cutting machine to make some custom stickers and shapes to suit the theme of your scrapbook. You will remember the good times, and learn to appreciate every member of the family.

9. Movie Nights

For many families, the obvious choice of a Friday night in is  a movie night with a pizza or some finger food. If you want to take the experience to the next level, either ask different people to choose the movie every night, or hold a vote during the week to pick the film everyone will enjoy. Don’t forget to discuss the characters and the events after the movie, asking thought-provoking questions, so you get to know everyone’s views.

10. Board Games

One of the evergreen family night classics is playing board games. Younger kids will enjoy Snakes and Ladders, and older ones will love trying their hands at Monopoly. Choose the games carefully, so everyone will have a great time. If you want to improve communication and collaboration within the company, get a jigsaw puzzle and try to complete it together.

Whether you would like to spend more quality time with your family, or you have new members you would like to get to know, you need to put in the effort and plan nights in. From simple activities such as completing a jigsaw to a movie night in, there are several ways you can bond better and improve the communication while having a great time. Get creative, and make sure that everyone’s voice is heard when choosing the activity. Encourage your kids to work together and express their feelings.

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