I love trying new products and having a blog has allowed me to try a whole range of products which I probably wouldn’t have heard of before, which I’m very grateful for. PAIRFUM is a chic collection of organic products, which range from skincare to candles, room sprays and more. With quite a focus on scents, all their products come in a range of scents which are fresh, feminine or floral and would leave your room (or body!) smelling absolutely delicious. I was kindly sent two of the PARIFUM skin care products to try and test and here are my thoughts!

Packaging is always important to me, as I’m sure it is to many others. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but humans are visual creatures and we’re drawn to nice looking things, which certainly applies when it comes to products (and books for that matter!) The packaging on the PAIRFUM products is fairly simple, which I like. With a silver top and label, which is striking. I love the PAIRFUM logo itself but wasn’t so keen on the italic font above it. But certainly not something which would put me off the brand. The bottles were also a little flimsier than I would have expected but I’m no diva and again, not something which would put me off the brand.

As I mentioned at the start, PAIRFUM has a high focus on the scents they use in their products. Although Organic, I’d advise people with sensitive skin to be wary of strong scents but I’d do that whatever the brand. I think that’s just common sense? I was given the option of 6 incredible sounding scents to chose from for my products, which was nice and the following were my options which I think is a really good range of scents to suit different tastes.

  • SPA
  • Linen & Lavender
  • Black Orchid
  • Orangerie Blossoms
  • Cedar Noir
  • Pink Grapefruit

Upon having a nose around their website, they offer many more scents for their candles including White Lavender, Innocent Vanilla, Trail of White Petals and Ginger & Lemongrass among others. Which is a hugely impressive selection of scents; I wish I could sniff all of them!

I’ve been using this in the shower (obviously) and the thing that strikes me the most is the scent. On immediate use, the lavender is really prominent but once it settles down, it’s the linen that comes through a little more, which is lovely. I only used this on my arms, legs and torso though because I don’t use heavily scented products on delicate areas. It felt very spa-like. Like if I was to go on a spa weekend and have a shower, I imagine this is how their products would smell.

I don’t use an awful lot each time – not loads but not a pea sized amount either just sort of your average dollop (that sounds awful doesn’t it haha!) It lathers up nicely at first but the amount on the sponge / cloth doesn’t last an awful long time and I imagine if you were having a super good scrub with this, you’d have to top it up once or twice.

The body lotion  was a strange consistency which seemed more consistent with sun-cream than anything. When applied, it stays white and you certainly have to give it a bit of a rub in order for it to all settle into your skin. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I’m just explaining my experience with it! For this reason, it seems like a fairly thick body lotion which I think would benefit you in the Winter when your skin can take a real knock or perhaps a couple of hours after shaving.

Once it was all rubbed in, it stays a little sticky for a minute or two and then settles right into your skin, leaving you with soft skin and the gorgeous scent still very prominent. As with the shower gel, you get a really good amount of product in this bottle which will certainly last you a while.

Each bottle retails at £15.00 for 250ml of product. I think the body lotion would definitely last longer than the body wash (but I think that’s the general consensus with most brands) but on average, would last a decent amount of time. I think £15.00 is boarding on the high side for products but isn’t too out of reach.

I enjoyed trying these products; I think they would be perfect for use in a Spa or a beauty salon because the scents are so prominent. I would love to try more scents from this brand and especially the candles because who doesn’t love a scented candle? I think the feel of the brand, the products, the price and the ethos are affordable luxury and I think these would also make lovely gifts for someone you wanted to treat!

Have you tried anything from PAIRFUM? Which scent would you go for out of the ones listed above? Let me know!

* These products were sent to me in exchange for an honest review


  1. Never heard of this brand, they sound really nice though. I think Pink Grapefruit would be right up my street or possibly Black Orchid.x

  2. i’ve never heard of this brand! i’ll have to look them up. It’s a shame though that the lotion seems like it takes some work, im really lazy with lotion and just want to get it on and rubbed in as quick as possible. the scents sound lovely, perfect for a night time shower or bath! sending lots of love xxx

    ~ Mich | simplymich.com

  3. These are such pretty bottles! 😍They would definitely catch my attention in a shop. I’m loving the sound of all the different scents available, I imagine linen & lavender is really relaxing. I like the sound of pink grapefruit too! Thanks for sharing Jenny! 💖 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  4. The body lotion sounds amazing and not too expensive either!

    Tori | JustTheBeginning-x.com
    Latest blog post – The Walking Dead: Our World Game – First Impression

  5. The scent range in this collection sounds really nice, I think I’d probably love the Orangerie Blossoms option. I quite like a thick body lotion as I have super-dry skin, but it’s not for everyone! £15 is a little pricey but if they work well it’s worth it!
    Beth x

  6. I’ve not heard of this brand before but these products look lovely and sound gorgeous. I have a plethora of lavender products already so I think I’d go for the Orangerie Blossoms fragrance or perhaps the Pink Grapefruit. Loving the sound of the candles too, especially the Ginger & Lemongrass one! x


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