If you think about your business and where you started, you’ll soon realise how far it has come. Well, hopefully you should. A business is destined to grow if ran right, and it’s often the case that a few wrong moves are made along the way that could jeopardize the future of the business. One of these is through the people that you hire, and the new positions and roles that you open up within your business. A business needs people, and it needs a variety of different roles to function. Otherwise, you have a whole load of tasks on your plate that you might not be able to manage. So, here are some of the roles that we think you should be hiring for.

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Financial Duties

As a very small and very new business, you will have most likely carried out the financial duties yourself. But as you grow and grow, and as your team grows, it becomes more important to make sure you’re actually doing everything by the book. If laws are broke, it could seriously damage your business, and you will definitely face a nasty fine or two. Even the smaller things like payroll should be managed by someone who has the time dedicated to do it, not by you when you might be rushing round to sort it. For that reasons, we think you should get in touch with payroll recruitment consultants. Payroll should be ran pretty much on the same date every month, and things such as overtime and bonuses should always be added when required. So many companies annoy so many employees because they forget to do things such as this. The employee in charge of running payroll will have their time dedicated to it, and they will then better be able to manage your finances in general. As long as your staff are happy and paid, you will have a well oiled machine working for you.

Customer Support

This is where a lot of companies actually drop the ball. So many customers are left so angry with different issues they might have faced, and the result is bad reviews and bad publicity about the company. But, if you hire someone in-house to manage any reviews and complaints that are left about you, you have more of a chance of  building up a rapport that might have been lost through something such as a bad product. It also gives you someone in-house to quickly deal with any customer queries, which could help to get you a quicker sale!

New Clients

Trying to get new clients in is tricky. You have to remember you’re competing against a few other businesses to win their attention. So, if you have someone in-house who is outreaching to new and potential clients, and trying to build up a new customer relationship with them, you’re only going to boost your own profits. Having someone do this is only worth it if they actually fulfill their role, so make sure you are monitoring it.

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