A beginners guide to SEO for bloggers

Now, I don’t pretend to know everything about blogging. In fact, the complete opposite is true and I have no problem at all putting my hands up and admitting that actually, I don’t know a damn thing about certain aspects of this big ol’ blogosphere. I’ve been blogging for 5 years give or take and I’m always learning and having been around that long (God that makes me sound ancient), you do pick quite a bit up as you go along. Blogging is a process and there’s always something new to learn and I think that’s what makes it so exciting sometimes.

For those of us that wanna get oh so serious with our blogs, SEO is certainly something to think about and not gloss over. It sounds super scary and confusing at first and if you’ve got to this point and you’re panicking because WHAT THE HECK IS SEO, SEO basically stands for Search Engine Optimization and why do us, as bloggers, need to worry about that?

Well first of all, you don’t need to worry. But ensuring your blog posts and your blogs in general are SEO friendly will only prove to increase your views and your visibility on search engines. And we all want that don’t we? With hundreds of thousands of bloggers out there, all trying to achieve something similar, Google are inundated with links and the further up the order the link, logically, the more likely it is to get viewed. There are plenty of posts to help with SEO and even this SEO guide can help but here’s a quick run down of super easy, beginners tips for SEO friendly blogs!

Link back to other content you’ve written

This is a super easy and effective way to help with SEO, simply linking back to your older content, where relevant. For example, in this post where I’m talking about improving SEO and helping your traffic, I might include a link to this post, about how to improve your daily page views. Geddit?

Work on your DA score

Even if you have no idea what it is, chances are you’ve seen bloggers talk about their DA before. DA stands for Domain Authority and your DA score means how highly your site is ranked on search engines. It’s common knowledge that brands want to work with bloggers with a higher DA so it’s worth doing some thangs in order to help yours out. Linking back to old content, as stated above, is one way. You can also up the amount you’re commenting on other blogs, sort out all your broken links and starting your posts with writing, not an image.

Make your post shareable for others

Not only will other people sharing your posts gain you extra views, it also shows Google that your post is relevant. No offence but a lot of us are lazy and we want things as easy as possible, so having clear shareable buttons on your posts will help make it super swift for others to share your work!

Use headings where possible

A bit like I’m doing in this post, using headings makes your posts more digestible (especially if they’re long… hey! Check out my next point), better formatted and more useful.

Write a minimum of 300 words

Google likes posts which are on the longer side, they figure that they’re more useful and professional so blog posts certainly should be more than 300 words long. I mean, we bloggers have got a lot to say, so chances are they will be but if you’re looking to improve your SEO then try and refrain from whacking out a ton of posts which are all short. Quality over quantity.

Shorten your URL

If the title of your blog post is “A super scrummy, easy to make recipe for the perfect night in with friends!” then your URL will automatically be, “www.YOURBLOGNAMEHERE.com/a-super-scrummy-easy-to-make-recipe-for-the-perfect-night-in-with-friends”. It looks ridiculous and it’s going to do nothing for your SEO. Before your hit publish, check on your URL and shorten it to something like, “/vegan-chilli-recipe” which is much better for search engines to process and more likely to scoot you up the order (obviously only if your post is ACTUALLY about a Vegan chilli recipe…)

Do you have any other SEO tips to share? Are you a beginner and did you find these tips helpful? If you’re experienced in SEO then I’d love to hear your best tip and anything I’ve missed here?

* This is a collaborative post

207 thoughts on “A beginners guide to SEO for bloggers

  1. I’ve taken down my links to my older blogs because I feel like it was all a hot mess. I know a little something about blogging but even just reading this post as if i had never written before is so helpful and encouraging, whilst creating my new site I’ll be sure to follow your tips! Thanks jennyinneverland !

  2. Thanks for the tips Jenny. I’ll likely be trying to shorten all of my URLs more and more as I get into the longer posts myself. I also can vouch for the whole “link back to old posts” method – when relevant of course.

    Every little bit helps!

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