No matter where you go or what you do, risk is all around us. Risks to our health and safety are ever-present, but while we have very little control over those risks posed by Mother Nature, we can have a great deal of control over managing our risks in a working environment.

Every business has a duty by law to comply with current Health & Safety legislation. While managing a paper-based health and safety system can be lengthy and tiresome, most companies these days rely on using risk assessment software.

Risk assessment software is used across a number of different industries to help determine safety risks in the workplace. Using a good software solutions can save a business lots of time and effort because they can use the software to calculate potential risks within their working practices and work out a plan of action to address any issues before they actually cause an accident or injury to a member of staff.

Modern cloud-based risk assessment software systems can help a business to remain compliant with all current safety legislation, while at the same time reduce accidents in the workplace and increase the productivity of all their employees.

What is Risk Assessment?

Business owners need to ensure that they operate a safe working environment for their staff. They do this by performing a series of risk assessments to identify any potential risks that exist in the workplace, then once identified, they can work on a plan of action to take to eliminate those risks. This could be through better positioning of essential machinery, adding extra safety features to prevent operatives from becoming injured, such as safety barriers etc. or making sure that each employee is adequately trained and certified to use key tools, vehicles or machinery, such as ensuring that forklift operators are all properly trained, hold current licences, and comply with all set safety procedures that have been put in place.

Using risk assessment software

Modern risk assessment software allows you to perform quantitative Assessments. This kind of assessment allows you to work out two components of the risk: The scale of the potential loss and the probability that the loss will occur.

From here you can use your software to perform a qualitative Assessment. This assessment deals with the calculation of the single loss expectancy of an asset. So you can work out what loss of value you will get should there be an incident. Knowing these results will quickly show you how much loss you could sustain over a year if the threat is left unchecked and allowed to be repeated.

The in-built flexibility in modern risk assessment software means that it can be adapted to suit whatever industry you operate within. The risk assessment needs of one company will differ greatly from another company that provides a completely different product or service.

No matter if you operate a heavy industrial engineering site that uses machinery, vehicles, tools and materials that carry a great amount of risk to your health and safety, or you work in an office environment with far less risks, you can still use your risk assessment software to analyse physical, environmental, or ecological impacts as well as occupational health and safety risks.

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