There are many reasons for starting a blog and writing about your passions can be a truly incredible way to earn a living. Nonetheless, this is only made possible by the ability to generate revenue. This is why you should look to maximise your potential in every aspect. Understanding the worth of your blog and finding new ways to increase money from your on-site adverts and e-commerce platform is key. But you must try to look further afield too. This is especially important in the early days but can also make a huge difference for the long haul. Focus on the key areas below, and you won’t go far wrong.

Write For Others

As a blogger with an established platform, you are an authoritative voice in your chosen field. This makes you the perfect candidate to write guest posts on other blogs or produce content for magazines and publications. The companies can see your writing voice by reading your posts, so can easily tell if it will suit their audience.

Aside from earning a little extra money, this is an ideal way to gain a little free advertising by getting the name of your blog out there. When your guest writing is an online site, you can use this to gain valuable backlinks too.

Become An Affiliate

Affiliate marketing essentially turns you into a salesperson. You’ll be promoting products and services that you’ll never physically handle, but this can still generate a serious level of revenue. While a lot of your affiliate marketing endeavours will tie in with your blog posts and website ad placements, it needn’t be limited to your domain.

Social media is a particularly useful option, especially as users will tag their friends and family when a product is suitable. This enables you to reach audiences that do not visit your site. It also provides extra social media content to aid your visibility and activity levels.

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Utilise Your Digital Skills

Most bloggers are naturally gifted when it comes to IT literacy, so why not use those skills to earn money elsewhere? Depending on your passions and expertise that’s shown on your blog, a number of opportunities may be available. The key is to find one that works for you.

For example, if you are well versed in finance, Forex trading may be up your street. Bloggers that write about business may be able to offer an online consultation service or connect users for collab work. If you are willing to go the extra mile, the list of possibilities can be almost endless. Check out this fxcm review for more information on trading!

Sell On Third-Party Sites

An online store for your website is a great way to generate on-site revenue. However, not every reader will be ready to trust your site for purchases. Moreover, this option does also mean that your opportunities are restricted to people that already use your site. Therefore, extending your selling activities to a third-party platform may open the door to increased sales.

The obvious answers are eBay and Amazon. Whether you are selling items that you’ve designed or sourced yourself or opting for drop shipping doesn’t matter. Those platforms give consumers an added sense of assurance while you’ll be reaching a bigger audience than ever before.

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Launch A Paid Service

In addition to your digital skills, you can make good use of your more traditional skills. If you are a health blogger, for example, you could start offering a nutritionist or personal training service in the local area. As you get bigger, this could even become a digital service offered to the masses.   

Other paid services could include offering a personal stylist service if you’re a fashion writer. Or bloggers that cover home improvements could take on interior design work. The fact that you’re probably writing about something you love means that the new activities should be a lot of fun too. Moreover, they turn your venture into a fully functioning business.

Become An Influencer

While not all too different from affiliate marketing, influencer marketing deals with promotion. When you have a strong following on your blog or social media (particularly Instagram), brands will pay you to promote their goods. This could involve taking photos wearing their items or reviewing them in a post.

You might not command thousands of pounds per post that some of the big social media celebs do. Still, even a few pounds per post is better than nothing. 

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