I’ve been a self-employed blogger for a good 2 or so years now and before that, I was a self employed online business owner, which I sadly closed down in August this year. So it’s safe to say that I’ve had a lot of time, practice and experience of working by myself and for myself and first and foremost, it is not easy. But it can be incredibly rewarding. One of the biggest and most important elements of working from home or being self employed is the physical space in which you do your work. Have I spent hours and hours of my working life working from my bed? Yes, absolutely, I’m not perfect and if I had the money and the room to give myself an actual home office, you can get your bottom dollar I’d be Pinteresting the crap out of it. But at the end of the day, there’s lots of elements which we can take into consideration when thinking about our work space when we’re self employed.

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Comfort is key

Comfort means different things to everyone and whereas someone might find garish bright green walls comforting, someone else might not. So finding the right comfort for you (not what Pinterest is telling you to do) is super important because we will always work better if we’re relaxed. You can incorporate a lot of home decor items into your working space or your home office, plants, trinkets, books, vases, ornaments and lamps will all make a room feel more comfortable but not too homey.


This ties in a lot with the comfort element but thinking about your space in terms of size is important too. Is your space too confine for what you’re doing? Is your business on the creative side, where you need space to work and create without any extra worries? I work from a computer for 85% of the time, so obviously I don’t need very much space for that and can do it almost anywhere but not all businesses are created online and you should try and allow your space to reflect that. Which leads on nicely to the next point…

Is a virtual office space right for you?

Of course when you’re self employed and/or working from home, you have the luxury of deciding where to work. Sometimes though, working from home can blur the lines and in your head you’re a powerful and put together business person but in reality, you’re sitting in your pajamas with pizza stains down your front and your hair looking like a birds nest. And sometimes, those more chilled days are great and can be really productive but other times, we need a little bit more help to get going.

That’s where a virtual office space from Signature Works might be a good option for you. Providing you with a professional business address, mailbox, free landline number and various other perks, a virtual office space might be a logical and smart step for your business. It also gives you access to meeting rooms at hugely discounted rates, if your business requires that or even a discounted office space for yourself, so if you’re not feeling productive working at home and a coffee shop isn’t doing it for you, there’s a good alternative ready and waiting.

Mess and clutter

If you’re self employed, you need to know what is what and where everything is. It’s your business, your product and your mess and when you work for yourself and don’t have any extra hands to help, letting everything get into a big messy state isn’t ideal. Because you’re the one that will have to sort that out at the end of the day. Investing in storage to keep things organised may be a good option or just ensuring that you tidy up as you go – just like you might do if you’re cooking in the kitchen – to ensure things don’t get out of hand.

Change of scenery

If you’re not feeling it in your own home one day and shared office space isn’t working for you that day either, just a simple change of scenery can make the world of difference. That could be as small as a different room in your house, a coffee shop or outside in the park if the weather is okay and your work allows you to do that. I always mix up my tasks throughout the day so I’m not sitting there staring at my computer screen, in the same position, in the same room for hours on end! A small change of scenery can do the world of good.

If you’re self employed and/or work from home, I’d love to hear about how you manage the space you work in? Do you ever use a shared office space or a coffee shop?

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  1. I live in a house, so I have a room as my dedicated office. It’s lovely with three windows and often a cat on my lap. My set up is ergonomically correct, so no backaches. My biggest challenge is walking away from work. I get so involved; totally love what I do.

  2. Such good points, Jenny! I’ve been in the terrible habit of working wherever I happen to be and it’s definitely not beneficial to a work-life balance. And clutter is definitely one of my biggest impediments when it comes to being productive!

  3. Hey Jenny. Good read. In answer to your question although I have a great office at home filled with all my computers and tech, I also have an office in town in a shared room, and it is great. New friends, networking opportunities and we help each other out. I’d definitely recommend it as a great option.

  4. this was something I realised the hard way and I wish i’d read this blogpost earlier than I did!its so easy to procrastinate and get demotivated when you’re working from home, especially when you’re just starting out and still with low audience (aka me erryday).I’ve been improvising on my work space and it has impacted immensely in a good way!

  5. Hey Jenny. Good read. In answer to your question although I have a great office at home filled with all my computers and tech, I also have an office in town in a shared room, and it is great. New friends, networking opportunities and we help each other out. I’d definitely recommend it as a great option.

  6. Thanks for these tips! I work at home (doing a doctorate as well as blogging so two different things and really must focus on doc even though blog is so much more appealing)!
    I do end up being that girl with messy hair and food all over me haha. Definitely inspired me to try harder today to switch up rooms if I’m not doing enough. Thanks for sharing! Good motivation for me.

  7. I love this! I currently work full time away from home in a dental office but, when I am working my small business with Pure Romance, I work from home. I have a small storage room that I like to keep all my stuff in, but I can’t work in there because it is just a storage room. So my living room is my quiet place right now. I hope I can have an office space one day!

      1. Girl it’s like a storage room, closet, my second business storage room, and my husbands closet all in one; with a tiny desk in the corner! We just need to clean it out! But hopefully one day!

  8. I’m working from home at the moment on a couple of personal projects and I am finding it difficult to establish a space. In the summer I found it much easier to work from our house in the mountains because it was just silent, warm and the days were long. I could work in any room of the house! Winter – perhaps seasons generally – make a difference to home office space? For me they definitely do, it seems. Interesting post, enjoyed reading 🙂

  9. When I’ve been doing work from home via my laptop I’ve always been the sort of person to work, sat under my laptop on my bed or sometimes in the garden in the summer. I do like the idea of shared office spaces but I’ve never tried one. Great post Jenny!

  10. I don’t currently work for myself or have the opportunity to work from home either. But I totally agree about clutter – my desk/space at work can NOT be messy as I feel as if it gives me a messy mind in the process! I wonder sometimes if I’d find it difficult to work from home too. I can imagine me thinking “might just stick Phil and Holly on for a minute” and then getting totally distracted 😂
    Enjoyed this post, some really good tips!


  11. I LOVE this post Jenny! I unfortunately am not anywhere close to being able to work at home and make my blogging my full time business (*cries internally*) but I definitely agree with what you said. Your space needs to be tailored to what YOU are comfortable in the space, not just because it’s Pinterest worthy! I think the virtual office space is a genius idea because you’ll need to separate your phone number, and even mailing address! I really enjoyed this post 😊

    Geraldine | https://geraldinetalks.com

  12. Really found this interesting I have just started a job for the first time since having my children as a magazine editor which is working from home. I’ve been struggling with how to juggle working for myself at home and will definitely take these tips on board. Thanks so much love your blog, ❤️

  13. I’m very bad at working in my set workspace at home! We have an office, but that’s more my husband’s space and he works very differently from me, and things are much more cluttered than I like. I’ve set up my own little desk in our spare room, but I need to get better at using it haha!

  14. My bedroom/bed is where I work from and 100% of it is laid down on my left side as any other position is too painful for me. It’s not ideal but this is the only way I can get remotely comfy. I just need to stop procrastinating on some of the days where I don’t feel brilliant, it’s all too easy to turn my laptop on and go straight to Netflix or Amazon Prime! lol 🙂

    Sarah x

  15. I’ve never really worked from home, but a lot of my clients do and I can completely see where you’re coming from. Speaking to them daily, I often find that sometimes the need for a change of scenery can turn your whole day around, for the better!

    Great post Jenny ♥︎

  16. I’ve been thinking a lot about self-employment recently. I’m definitely considering it as a potential pathway I could take after Uni. Thank you for sharing this. Even as a student, I prefer studying at home over most other places. This was really interesting to read!

  17. Great post as always Jenny! I would love to be self employed one day and have that freedom in setting my own hours etc. this is super useful to anyone thinking of doing that and also those who are just starting out 💛

  18. I don’t actually have a desk at my home, so I think I’d really need to get one if I were to start working from home! I work from my laptop on my bed when I blog, which isn’t great! xx

  19. Comfort is definitely key! I used to try and work from my dining room, using the table as my desk. But we have the most uncomfortable hard wooden furniture and it really wasn’t working for me. I love going to a coffee shop to work every now and then, I always seem to get so much done there! x


  20. I’ve been struggling to find a way to create a good workspace at home, and this post gave some really good suggestions of how to make my space better! Thank you so much!

  21. This is a great post! The few occasions I’ve worked from home I really struggled to focus because in my mind, it wasn’t my “working” space. But even when it comes to blogging or writing, I have to make sure it is decluttered and tidy around me otherwise it doesn’t work. These are really great tips, especially for those that need to be productive.

  22. Interesting read Jenny. I worked from home for a year or so but recently went back to working in an office. I miss my home office sometimes but could never stick to a routine. I found it hugely beneficial to be able to pick up my laptop and plonk myself in a coffee shop in town for the day or Manchester Central Library was a good hangout too. I found that getting out of my usual space forces me to look at things from a new perspective. I think that’s the thing I miss most now that I’m confined to the same space everyday x

  23. I totally work from home, and over the recoveries of surgeries I’ve had to accept that sometimes I have to do it in PJ’s too. Though I do feel better dressed and organised first, creating a more organised mental state before working

  24. Lovely post! Ahh it’s very important to have a small little corner for work based at home. I do a lot of my blogging in that corner as it gives me the head space that I need. I also find a relaxed quiet corner helps with my creative ideas.. xx

  25. I enjoyed reading this post. I don’t work from home as much as I used to, but I always had to get showered and dressed before I could do anything to put myself into work mode. For my blogging I need to give myself a better space to enable myself to be more organised. Thanks for sharing.
    Nina x | http://justnina.co.uk

    1. Interesting! I think a lot of people who work from home still stick to that routine. I don’t necessarily need to be showered and dressed but I do have do to some Yoga in the morning before I get started on anything major!

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