With the likes of Instagram and magazines giving us serious home-envy, there has been a huge rise in those paying a little more attention to their homes. However, one room which is often forgotten about is the bathroom, even though we use this room multiple times a day. We use it to wash, pamper ourselves or get ready for a big night out, but it often seems to be neglected when it comes to re-decorating.

With this being said, we have taken a look at six ways you can easily create a new look for your bathroom and turn it into a space you can get excited about having to spend time in.

Light Up the Room

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Having the right lighting can transform a room, so making the correct choice for your bathroom is essential. By choosing the right lighting, you can create a completely different ambiance that can make the room into a relaxing haven. However, you won’t be able to choose just any lighting as the bathroom gets wet, you will need to make sure that the lighting has an IP44 or IP65 rating. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style as you can opt for some incredible industrial wall lights as these work well with all types of décor.

Implement a Little Tropical Print

Tropical prints have taken 2018 by storm, and this design doesn’t look like it is going anywhere in the forthcoming year. This print will definitely be a welcomed addition to any bathroom and can really make a bold statement within the space. However you decide to implement this trend is up to you, but it will almost certainly brighten up your room.

Bring your Bathroom to Life

Carrying on from tropical print, there is nothing wrong with bringing your bathroom to life with a plant or two. Bathrooms often have a lot of natural light and adding in a plant will give it a feeling of freshness. Of course, you can opt for a cactus, a tropical houseplant or, if you want to add a touch of luxury, then why not pick an orchid? Additionally, Ivy is renowned for being a plant with excellent air purification and this can look lovely when draped over a shelf or windowsill.

Clever Storage Solutions

As the bathroom is one of the best rooms to relax in, especially when enjoying a long shower or bubble bath, it is the perfect place to escape for a moment to yourself. This is why it is important to avoid clutter when possible, so opt for floating shelves to save floor space and a cabinet to organise your bathroom essentials.

Add Accessories

If you have a white or neutral-coloured bathroom and you don’t want to commit to painting the walls or re-tiling, adding accessories can really change the look and feel of the room. From your favourite coloured towels, bathmat and even a toothbrush holder, adding a splash of colour can really make a difference.

You can really please your inner colour enthusiast with the help of a loud and proud colour gently implemented throughout the room. Don’t forget to head to Pinterest to look for any quirky patterns or colours that might be of preference.

Upgrade Your Fixtures

Do you want a new look for your bathroom? Perhaps it’s time to replace your old fixtures. You can give your classic white water closet an upgrade by getting a new one that works more efficiently. You don’t want to encounter issues like leaks before it’s too late.

Let your Personality Shine

It is important to remember that this if your home and your space to do as you please with. It doesn’t matter the size or scale of your bathroom refurb project; you need to make sure that you have fun along the way!

What makes this project a little more fun than the rest is that you can definitely get away with being a bit bolder and this will ensure that it stands out from other bathrooms, leaving visitors and family a little envious! Adding your own personal touches will allow everyone to enjoy the space and is particularly important given that this room will be visited numerous times during the day.

Hopefully, this post has inspired you to give your bathroom a makeover, as well as some ideas on how you can achieve this. Do you have any of your own ideas you’d like to share on how you would transform your bathroom? Be sure to leave them in the comments!

* This post is in collaboration with Industville


  1. Something I definitely want to add to both my room & bathroom this coming year are plant! Somehow I managed to kill a succulent this past summer (lol rip), but I really want to try & add some literal life to my happy places. These are fabulous tips Jenny! xx


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