It might only be early December but Christmas is well and and truly in full swing! I feel like Christmas has been on overdrive this year and everyone seemed to get much more excited, much earlier than usual. I’ve never been big on Christmas for a number of reasons but since I started blogging and seeing the buzz from everyone else and getting stuck into all the wonderful Christmas content, it’s made me learn to love it again! And one of my favourite parts is definitely putting the tree up, all the beautiful decorations and definitely admiring everyone else’s Christmas lights hanging on their houses. There’s nothing quite like being surrounded in a world of fairy-lights!

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Obviously everyone has different tastes when it comes to Christmas and their decorations and that’s part of the beauty of it I think – there’s so many beautiful and vastly different designs to see! I’m a huge lover of the cold and the snow so a Winter Wonderland theme is right up my street. So if you’re thinking of going for the Winter Wonderland look this year, here are some things to consider!

The right tree

If you’re after a Winter Wonderland, then perhaps a green tree won’t be the best option. We have a white tree in my house and I absolutely love it and it definitely adds to the cold, Wintry theme! Ours is a fake tree with fiber-optic lights but there’s plenty of other designs to choose from.

Frosted decorations

We all know that decorations are the most important part and there are just so many beautiful decorations out there to choose from. For a Winter Wonderland theme, try going for silver, white or pale blue decorations! Cox&Cox have some absolutely beautiful decorations and some perfect options for that Winter Wonderland!

Fake snow

If you live anywhere where snow is a rarity – like me – then you might have to improvise! We all want a white Christmas and a real-life Winter Wonderland but unless you live in Lapland, that’s probably not going to happen! Fake snow to pop on your windows or anywhere else that’s safe can help create your very own Winter Wonderland.

Wooden / rustic design

Another good option to add to your Winter Wonderland theme, is wooden or natural decorations and designs, such as logs, pine cones and twigs. Think a wooden cabin in the middle of a snowy mountain with a roaring fire type vibe!

Don’t forget the wrapping to match!

To complete any Christmas home decor design, you need to have the right gift wrap to match the aesthetic. White or blue wrapping paper with sparkly ribbons and snowflakes gift tags will be the perfect finishing touch.

What theme have you gone for this year? Do you stick to a theme at all? What are your favourite types of decorations? Let me know!

* This post is in collaboration with Cox&Cox


  1. I recently wrote about my Christmas tree decorations. We have a bunch of unique, sentimental items and fill in the gaps with regular baubles. This year we’ve gone for black and silver baubles and used a Darth Vader tree topper.

  2. We have had a black tree for a while now and I would LOVE green tree, even a green real one! Fake snow has been so fab for me this year as I have used it for blog photographs! It has made me want to sprinkle it everywhere! I can’t wait to move out so I can decorate my house just how I like it! Great post xx

  3. I absolutely love decorating for Christmas, so I really enjoyed this post! I don’t really have a theme, I just go with whatever looks cozy and festive to me at the time. I definitely have to say the lights are my favorite decorations! I love colored lights and hang some not only on my tree but my bookcase and also around the walls of my bedroom. It’s so cozy to go to bed at night and see all the cozy lights. 🙂

  4. I like the idea of Winter Wonderland decor for the holidays, because it’s so seasonal you can leave much of it up way past the New Year!

    My mom likes to decorate with snowmen plushies and motifs as well and I think they fit the theme nicely.

  5. I love the Winter wonderland theme, the white, blue and silver decorations are so pretty, with the blue lights too, when I have my own proper house I cannot wait to decorate it for Christmas! In my flat at the moment though I just have mini tinsel tree and lots of fairy lights, can’t have enough of them!

    Chloe xx

  6. I love the Winter Wonderland theme! My Christmas Tree has fake snow on the branches with gold baubles and decorations. I think wooden decorations look really pretty and like you say gives off the whole roaring fire wooden cabin in the mountains kinda vibe. I also feel waaay more excited about Christmas since being a blogger, it’s hard not to get caught up in all the festivities, gift guides and Blogmas posts! Thanks for sharing Jenny, lovely post <3 xxx

    Bexa |

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