ad | Spring is finally here and it’s a great time to have a refresh in your life. Whether that’s clearing out your wardrobe, de-cluttering your bookshelves or having a full re-vamp of one room in your house, there’s always something we can do to give our homes (and our lives) a new lease of life for the warmer weather approaching.

There are plenty of ways in which you can give your bedroom a Spring refresh for the warmer months. It may be that you’ve been looking to fully redecorate and now is the perfect time to do it or perhaps you’re on a budget and are looking for smaller and more subtle touches.

There’s options for everyone and plenty of different ways in which we can have a bedroom refresh for Spring. Let’s take a look at some suggestions – both big and small!

5 Spring Bedroom Refresh Ideas

A simple (but effective) de-clutter

I think all home renovations should start with a de-clutter. We build up a lot of clutter over a relatively short period of time, so it’s important that we keep on top of it.

And Spring is the best time of year for a massive de-clutter. By de-cluttering, you may unearth some extra closet space or a windowsill that hadn’t seen much light in a while.

A full bedroom re-vamp with a new theme

Perhaps you want to go whole hog and do a complete bedroom revamp? Good for you! It’s a lot of work but always pays off as it makes you bedroom feel like an entirely different and new place.

For Spring, you might want to think about changing up the theme to Scandinavian, with lots of light, neutral tones, greenery, textures and a real calm and relaxing vibe.

You’ll want to incorporate wood into this interior trend, which you can do easily with a Scandinavian Oak Bed from Bedstar.

You might also want to go for a country home theme or perhaps a coastal theme, especially if you’re living somewhere by the sea. Something like the Tour High Wooden Bed frame would go lovely with your coastal theme bedroom.

Switching up the colour scheme

An easy way to welcome Spring is by a simple colour change of a room. Painting is a fairly easy and affordable job but really can make all the difference to a room.

Perhaps go for more earthly and neutral tones and add in a pop of pastel within your decor for the ultimate Spring vibe.

New soft furnishing and decor

New soft furnishings is another easy way to spruce up a room, especially if it’s just been painted as well and you’ve gone for a different colour scheme.

Your old bedding might not match your new colour scheme, so time to invest in some new soft furnishings to match. In terms of other decor, you might want to switch up your lamps, rugs or even the prints on your wall.

Bringing the outside in

Spring is all about the warmer weather, the flowers starting to bloom and everything looking a little more brighter and more green, so take this onboard when it comes to your Spring bedroom re-fresh and bring the outside in.

Of course, fresh flowers are always an option. But for some more long-standing ideas, plants (real or fake) are a great way to up the greenery. You can also choose sweet decor items with things like wildlife or florals on as well, for that added piece of outside.

There are plenty of things you can do to re-vamp your bedroom for Spring 2023.

De-cluttering won’t even cost you any money but can have a massive difference on the look and feel of your bedroom – not to mention is better for your mental health, when you’re not surrounded by clutter!

Or whether you want to really go for it and change up the theme entirely, something Scandinavian, coastal or country won’t go amiss, especially if you want a light and airy Spring feel, with lots of neutral tones and textures,

Will you be having any sort of bedroom re-vamp this year?


  1. These are some great tips! We have recently started painting our hallway up stairs and going up the stairs and already looks so good. We have to finish but already looks so much lighter and bright. Thank you for sharing these suggestions.

    Lauren x

    1. Oooh lovely! We did that with our house, we did the hallway, up the stairs and the landing in a light green and it’s made the space so might lighter! Amazing what difference a lick of paint can do x

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