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Blogging Opportunities: Where To Find Them

Working with brands can become a huge part of blogging and can open the door to monetizing your blog, reviewing incredible products or even being sent on press trips. But it’s hard to know where to start in looking for and applying for blogging opportunities if you’re only just dipping your toes in. It may seem totally overwhelming at first but once you start to learn where to find blogging opportunities and how to go about applying for them, it’ll soon come naturally!

Where To Find Blogging Opportunities

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If you search for a where to find blogging opportunities post, yes you might get some links to agencies you can sign up with or apps you can download to make some extra cash through social media promotion but a lot of bloggers will also tell you that “blogging opportunities just land in my inbox”. And whilst that’s been true for me in the past, if a new blogger asked me, “where can I find blogging opportunities?”, I won’t reply with, “oh, they just come to me!”

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It’s hard enough to find them as it is, without bloggers being shady and unhelpful. There’s enough to go around. So where CAN you find blogging opportunities? I’ve compiled a little list below which will be super helpful for new bloggers just dipping their toes into monetizing their blog.

Where to find blogging opportunities:

Blogging Opportunities

Twitter: hash tags & accounts

If a PR or a brand is sourcing bloggers for a campaign then chances are they’ll be using the #bloggerswanted and/or the #bloggersrequired hash tags on Twitter. I’ve had a good number of opportunities from doing this by replying to these tweets, some fairly small ones but I actually got the biggest blogging opportunity I’ve ever had through doing this too! So this is a great place to start in finding blogging opportunities.

There’s also some Twitter accounts which are really good at retweeting blogging opportunities, including @LyliaRose, @PRJournoRequest and @BonjourBlogger so it’s also worth checking those out too.


  • If you can, try checking the hash tags a couple of times a day. During peak periods (i.e not Christmas Eve, when I’m writing this), there can be a lot going up on these hash tags, so if you’re able, check it once in the morning and once in the afternoon.
  • Some of these tweets get hundreds and hundreds of responses and obviously PR’s and brands can’t work with everyone, so by checking often and regularly, it’ll mean you’ll catch these tweets before too many others have replied to them and have a better chance of being successful.
  • Don’t take it personally if you don’t get a response or get chosen for one you’ve expressed your interest for. Like I said, these tweets can sometimes get hundreds of replies and there’s only so many bloggers a brand can work with.
  • Read what the tweet is asking. I see this one time and time again and it always baffles me but if the tweet is asking you to email them if you’re interested and leaves an email address… email them. Don’t just leave your blog URL and own email address because you’re instantly at a disadvantage and chances are, your tweet is going to get completely overlooked because the PR has stated quite clearly that they want you to email them. If they’re asking for specific information, like your DA score, make sure you give it to them.


Blogging Opportunities In Facebook Groups

I’m a member of a number of Facebook groups which are designed for sharing blogging opportunities and have had quite a few from these. Some of the ones I’m a member of include:

Blogger Assignments and Opportunities  
Blogger Opportunities
UK Influencer Opportunities
Bloggertunity – Blogging Opportunities
Blogger Opportunity Group

You may have to do a bit of your own research, depending on where you are in the world on where to find suitable ones for you. For example, don’t try joining the UK group if you’re not from the UK (duh?)


  • Most of these groups will require you to answer questions about you / your blog before they accept you, so make sure you answer these fully.
  • ‘Like’ the opportunities you’ve applied for – this helps you keep track because sometimes when there’s so many, with lots of people leaving comments, you can sometimes forget which ones you’ve already responded to.
  • Same as above, do what the post is asking. If they leave a form for you to fill in, fill it in. Don’t just leave your details in the comments.
  • Make sure you read the post and check it’s within your demographic before applying. If they’re asking for female bloggers from the US who blog about pregnancy and you’re a male blogger from the UK who blogs about gaming then you’re just wasting everyone’s time.

Here are some specific websites, newsletters and places where you can also find blogging opportunities and a little about my experience with them:

Bloggers Required

You can find a fair amount of blogging opportunities, both gifted and sponsored, on the Bloggers Required website and Twitter account. These get updated fairly regularly and they also specify which are UK and which are US. You don’t need to sign up, you simply need to fill out the form provided. I’ve had a handful of sponsored opportunities from these – I’d suggest making sure you write a decent pitch in the space provided as they get a lot of sign ups.

The Bloglancer Newsletter

Jenna from The Bloglancer is your blogging Queen if you want advice about self employment and freelancing. She has a great newsletter which showcases some handy posts from Jenna and also a handful of blogging opportunities too. She also specifies if these are UK only and whether they’re gifted or sponsored.

Considerable Influence

I’ve had two sponsored posts from Considerable Influence before. There’s good communication and quick, decent payments. Ideal for London based bloggers or those who blog a lot about entertainment! Although you won’t get regular work though here.

Get Blogged

I’ve had a fair few posts from Get Blogged since they started up. Payments aren’t particularly high but they do increase if your DA score is higher. They’re good to work with and post topics are interesting and offer you quite a bit of creative freedom. Payments are made quickly too. They also offer a referral scheme, which is quite handy!

Blogging Opportunities

Where else do you go to look for blogging opportunities?


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  3. wow you’re a saviour ! I loved the way you have guided in real terms. I havent seen such helpful content yet. THanks !

  4. thebossbabechronicles says:

    You’re amazing for writing this!

    1. Haha thank you!

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  7. ameliaeasley says:

    Thank you so much!! I appreciate that your audience was meant for those that aren’t necessarily located in the UK. I have so many tabs on my computer opened now for groups and accounts to sign up for <3

    1. Most of these things can apply whether you’re in the UK or US 😌 I’m in the UK myself. Best of luck!

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  10. Very helpful, thank you!

    1. You’re welcome 😌

  11. Thank you so much for this – I think this will now be my bible! It’s totally daunting knowing where to start and what it legit or not so this is really useful 😊

    1. So glad you found it useful! 😌

  12. Thanks so much for this post, very helpful! I’m still a very very small blogger but I’ll come back to this for ideas. 🙂

    Coralle x

    1. You’re welcome! Don’t count yourself out already because you’re a smaller blogger. Some brands will work with smaller bloggers – engagement is key! Views don’t necessarily mean success 😌

      1. Very true! Thanks so much for that 🙂

  13. Thanks so much for posting this! It’s definitely good to know there are places out there. I don’t think my traffic is high enough yet, but maybe one day. Your blogging tips are always so helpful, thank you! 💚

    1. Smaller bloggers shouldn’t sell themselves short 😌 If you see something you like the sound of, definitely apply! You never know 😌

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  15. Thank you for writing this Jenny. It’s been so helpful for me and I’ve actually gotten a couple of gifted posts by following your tips here and one sponsored post. I love how honest you’ve been in this post.

    1. Wow that’s amazing! I’m thrilled for you 😘

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