AD | I always find Spring and Summer to be a great time to start on new projects. Maybe it’s something in the air, it makes me want to do and achieve more and finally tackle those things I’ve been putting off over the Winter. Tasks around the home can feel like a real chore and is probably one of the main areas of life we procrastinate with the most! With that in mind, 2019 might be the year you finally tackle those home improvements that need doing or embark on some brand new Summer home improvement ideas!

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From small repair jobs to complete remodels, there’s a huge range of Summer home improvement projects to get stuck into this year. And don’t forget that your home is one of your biggest assets so home warranty is really important.

Furthermore, home warranty providers often offer plenty of helpful information on their websites that can help you to find home improvement and repair professionals in your local area – for example, if you live in Georgia home warranty providers like First American can give you further advice and support.

So what are you going to invest your time in this Summer? Here are some Summer home improvement ideas to get you started by yourself or ideas for when you invest in a home improvement company!

Spruce up your garden

In terms of Summer home improvements, the garden is probably a good place to start and you’ll likely be spending much more time in it as the weather gets warmer. Sprucing up your garden could mean anything from jet washing your patio, creating your own vegetable patch or a much bigger home improvement project for the Summer, like fitting a hot tub or building a Summer house!

Get your conservatory fitted with a solid roof

…if you haven’t got one already in your Conservatory conversion! Conservatories are great additions to the home, especially in the Summer as they look out over the garden. But a conservatory roof, along with all the windows can make it stifling to sit in but also make it freezing cold in the Winter. So a really valuable home improvement idea for this Summer would be to hire Guardian roof installers if it’s not something you can do yourself.

Getting a solid roof fitted to your conservatory might be a summer home improvement but you’ll benefit from it all year round! For quotes and more information, Guardian warm roof approved installers, CSM North East have all your answers.

Guttering, roof slates and those other niggly little jobs

Not the most glamorous of home improvement projects for sure but Summer is the perfect time to get those annoying ‘odd jobs’ out of the way, like cleaning your gutters (which after the storms we’ve been having lately, could probably do with a clean!), replacing or fixing any broken roof slates, weeding the patio and anything else boring but worth getting done. Working outside in the sunshine with a cool glass of something refreshing is the perfect time to get these jobs done. Don’t forget the sun cream!

Re-paint doors and windows

I can speak for myself when I say the paint on doors and window frames cracks over time and can lead to looking really naff. Our front door needs a serious coat of paint! Almost anything can make the paint on your doors and window frames look worn and old, from chipping it with another object, leaving mugs and things that stain it on them and just general wear and tear of life and the seasons. Make it one of your Summer home improvement projects to give them a once over and watch what a tiny job will do to your room!

Re-model the room you’ve been putting off

If you have the money to do so, now is the time to finally tackle that re-model. Do as much of it yourself or hire trusted professional friends of family to give you a hand where necessary. If it’s your kitchen that needs doing, think about how if you get it done in the Summer, by Christmas you’ll have a gorgeous new kitchen to use when cooking the Christmas dinner!

Will you be putting any of these Summer home improvement ideas into action this year? What jobs need doing around your house? And what have you been putting off? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Really they are great suggestions. Thank you for sharing the fantastic post. I’ll certainly share your link to my social network, so people can get more ideas. You can also visit this website to get new ideas for home improvement.

  2. I hate summer and hibernate indoors the second the sun starts shining but my mum is planning on getting all of the decking in the garden redone for summer this year x


  3. I hate cleaning gutters! But it is a necessary evil! These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I can’t actually do anything physically myself but yesterday work on tidying up the garden started. It always looks such a state this time of year before the lawn has it’s first cut etc. 🙂

  5. I can definitely relate to this. We have so many home improvements going on at the moment, from finishing tiles in the downstairs bathroom to landscaping the back garden, but we always seem to put them on hold during the Winter months.

  6. Great points Jenny! I’ve started to bring home more plants and start re-decorating our living room! I also started a Bullet Journal 🙂 I guess fresh starts are in the air (as well as pollen haha) 🙂

  7. Spring and summer are definitely the best time for home improvement! As I’m currently renting I can’t do any of these, but having a good clearout/rearrange and trying to spruce up our decor is definitely in order! 🙂

  8. These are all such great ideas. For me, sprucing up the garden with a good jet wash, tidy and drain emptying is the sign that spring is ending and summer is beginning. We only really tend to do it twice a year, at the start of summer and the end, because it’s more of a small yard than an actual garden, but it makes it so much nicer to sit out there once it’s all been cleaned! I don’t live on my own yet, but I love remodelling my room. I spent almost £400 redoing my room throughout 2018 so I won’t be doing anything major this year, but it is my aim to get rid of the black bin bag full of eBay clothes by the time June hits so I can move some of my furniture and make the underneath of my clothes rail look a lot tidier.

  9. these are great ideas jenny! i think my family is planning on relandscaping our backyard because our dog has made it all uneven with her digging that it’s a bit dangerous to walk in. never know when you’re gonna twist your ankle! we also want to paint some rooms in our house, there are a bunch of rooms that have chipped paint and need to be sorted. xx

    mich xx

  10. Some fab ideas, I always find re-painting can really help spruce up rooms, and it’s nice to change things up from time to time! I don’t have a garden but I wish I did, but I cannot wait to have one and keep it looking lovely – I say that now, I’m sure when I have a place with a garden I’ll probably lack motivation to do it haha.

    Chloe xx

  11. I definitely want to get started on the garden! I’ve been ogling garden Pinterest boards and have so many projects I want to complete!

  12. Great tips! I have been meaning to fix up my garden and repaint various things around the house! Thanks for the motivational boost!

  13. Oh, Jenny, thank you so much for the link, that’s so kind of you! And gutters are definitely on my to do list, ours are full of moss and leaves after all the storms. Well, I say my list, obviously, I mean Alan’s haha. And that’s a great point about a solid roof for the conservatory. We had one fitted a few years ago and it’s made a world of difference and means we can use it more comfortably in both summer and winter. Some great tips here, thank you for sharing 🙂 x

    Lisa |

    1. You’re welcome Lisa! Our gutters got completely blocked a few years ago and the water from the rain was literally pouring onto my bedroom window, it sounded like I lived under a waterfall!

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