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The idea of needing braces to correct an overbite, or crooked and misaligned teeth, is never a pleasant one. This is due, in part, to their less than flattering appearance. Luckily, there are several options for people who are looking to improve their smiles without everyone needing to know about it; the most popular choice being invisible braces. In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of invisible braces and how they compare to traditional metal braces.

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Lingual and Invisalign Braces

The term invisible braces can be used to describe either lingual braces (also referred to as incognito or iBraces) or Invisalign braces. Both of these braces offer an invisible alternative to traditional braces, and both achieve very similar results. However, their method of treatment differs.

Invisalign braces are clear plastic trays that have been made out of impressions of the patient’s teeth. They are very comfortable and are fully removable. Lingual braces, on the other hand, are made of metal, and instead of being placed on the front of the teeth like traditional metal braces, are placed on the back of teeth, making them “invisible”.

Comfortable to wear

One of the most common complaints about traditional metal braces is that they are very uncomfortable to wear. This is because traditional metal braces are really just a “one size fits all” treatment, and while traditional braces are able to straighten teeth effectively, they fall short of accomplishing this comfortably. Invisible braces, on the other hand, are custom- made to fit each individual patient’s teeth. This is the case with both lingual and Invisalign braces.

More discreet look

Our smiles are the focal point of our face. They’re the first thing that people see when they look at us. Braces are the most common way to fix an unattractive smile, but having this done with traditional metal braces means that you have to deal with bulky metal wires on your teeth for the next 1-3 years (depending on severity). Not only are these braces generally uncomfortable to wear, they aren’t the most discreet way of achieving a straighter smile either.

Invisible braces offer a corrective dental option that is invisible to onlookers. This allows you to correct your teeth both privately and discreetly. This way you no longer have to deal with people staring at your teeth, or worse, constantly asking you when you’re getting your braces removed.

More hygienic

This is particularly true with Invisalign braces because they are entirely removable, Invisalign braces can be removed for brushing and flossing. The trays themselves can also be cleaned; simply remove the tray and rinse or brush them with a toothbrush. Invisalign braces also come without food restrictions, allowing you to enjoy all of your favourite foods whilst still achieving that great smile.

A fabulous smile

Both lingual and Invisalign braces have rightfully gained the reputation of providing amazing teeth straightening results. Treatment length for invisible braces varies, and can take anywhere from 1-3 years depending on severity. And while the treatment plan is different for each patient, one thing that is the same for all patients is the fabulous smile that they will end up with.

Improved Dental Health

Having crooked or crowded teeth not only looks unpleasant, but it can also negatively impact your overall oral health. Eliminating gaps and crowding in the teeth makes caring for your teeth not only easier, but more effective.

Maintaining good dental health is not only important for keeping a healthy-looking smile, but it is also important to your overall health. This is why practicing a strict daily oral health routine (brushing and flossing daily), and scheduling regular checkups with your dentist is so important.


  1. I love that the invisible braces help with giving you a discreet look. I looked like a middle schooler when I had braces in college. Glad that there are lots of benefits with this alternative!

    Nancy ♥

  2. I have Invisalign now, as an adult. My parents were in denial that I ever needed braces so now, I’m paying for them. It was an initial fee of 2K and $255 monthly CAD. I also need jaw surgery which is another 5K once Invisalign is done, but this is a separate thing.

    I started wearing Invisalign in September 2019 and it’s over a period of 40 weeks min. I haven’t worn them long enough to recommend them yet but I would definitely choose this over regular braces ANY DAY. I snack less and eat out less now because it’s too much of a hassle to take them out and clean them. I haven’t lost any weight though. 😂

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