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Summer 2020 is going to be prettyyyy different to normal. The plans we made and the holidays we booked back in January are well and truly scuppered thanks to COVID and the effect it’s had on the world. But 2020 is all about staying safe and healthy and keeping our families safe and healthy. So today we’re sharing some low COVID risk outdoor Summer activities for you to enjoy!

Outdoor Summer Activities

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With Spring being an absolute washout, most of us want to make the most of whatever Summer we have after a pretty dreadful start to the year. We need to try and salvage what’s left of 2020, before it’s New Years Eve once again. Most of my Spring and Summer plans for this year got cancelled and I’m absolutely gutted about it. But I’m determined to at least try ad make the most of this year.

But going forward, we’re certainly all going to be a bit extra wary of our health and safety and that of our loved ones. We’re all going to have to adapt to this new normal we’ve found ourselves in, filled with face masks and rubber gloves and socially distant meeting with friends and family.

So despite the fact that this Summer is going to look vastly different, there are still plenty of fun outdoor Summer activities you can do which are also low COVID risk. Because safety comes first!

Summer Outdoor Activities

7 low COVID risk outdoor Summer activities

Go for a walk or a hike

Starting with a pretty obvious one but going for a nice walk or a hike is a pretty low-risk activity to do this Summer! Either on your own, with your partner or with a friend in your “bubble”, a Summer walk or hike will boost your mental and physical health too.

Go horse riding

For any animal lovers out there, horse riding could be a great outdoor Summer activity to pick up that is low COVID risk. I’m kinda scared of horses myself. They’re so beautiful but so powerful. And their power scares me. But I’d love to have the guts to try horse riding one day. If you have a horse as well, it could also be a good time to invest in their upkeep if that’s something that needs doing, such as equestrian buildings from Vale Stables.

However, make sure you’re fully equipped and ready if you’re going on a horse-riding adventure. Don’t forget about getting a saddle pad to prevent saddle sores and ensure that neither you nor your horse experiences any discomfort during your rides.

To do this, make sure that your saddle pad fits snuggly under the saddle and is evenly distributed across your horse’s back. Then, take a few minutes before every ride to double-check the saddle pad for any tears or other signs of damage.

Visit a farm or animal sanctuary

Keeping with the animal theme for a second, it could also be a great time to visit a farm or an animal sanctuary. Hopefield Animal Sanctuary is relatively near to me and I absolutely love it there. I can’t wait to visit again. But I do know that they’ve put in place loads of safety measures for when they open to guests again.

Visit National Trust sites

Anywhere that’s big, open and preferably outside is a good option for a low COVID risk outdoor Summer activities. And if you want to add a bit of culture into your activities too, why not explore some National Trust Sites this Summer?

Spend time in your garden

There’s so much potential for a seriously low risk Summer right in your backyard! Now is a great time to learn how to make the most of your garden because if you’re lucky enough to have that outdoor space to yourself, you should use it! Do some gardening, have a BBQ, buy a paddling pool, build an obstacle course. The possibilities are endless!

Go on a bike ride

It’s hard to catch COVID if no-one can catch YOU! I kid, I kid. But a bike ride is a brilliant way to get outdoors, in the sunshine and make the most of what’s left of Summer. Bike round your local park, the countryside – wherever. Cycling is also mega good for you too!

Camping in the backyard

Another outdoor Summer activity you can do from the comfort of your own garden. If camping is something you’re going to miss this year or something that you’re not comfortable doing in public right now, there’s always the option to camp in your garden. Toast some marshmallows, tell scary stories, stargaze. What a perfect evening!

Outdoor Summer Activities

What outdoor Summer activities are you planning to do this year which are low COVID risk?


  1. I used to looove horse riding when I was a kid, it’s so fun and so much less scary when you’re actually sitting up there haha! We’re really looking forward to moving at the end of the month as our new place has a fairly big garden. It’s going to be so nice to have our own outdoor space for the last bit of summer!

  2. Love going on bike rides… if I had a bike!! We love geocaching. That gets us out of the house and exploring new places. I recently stumbled across UK Treasure Trails and have picked out a few that we would like to do on the weekends too. It’s like a cross between an escape room and geocaching!

  3. Visiting some national trust sites is a great idea. I’m very appreciative of the fact I live somewhere it’s easy to walk without bumping into too many people x

  4. My son wants to start a garden! It shall be fun. And I’m just gonna say that horse back riding is the best workout for legs lol I miss it so much

  5. Ah I haven’t been horse riding in years! I’ve really made the most of getting out for walks etc during the last few months but there have been loads of times I’ve said about wishing I had a bike xx

  6. Horse riding is something I haven’t done in years and you’ve only just reminded me of it! I lived in the countryside while at uni and there were always horse riding lesson everywhere, wish I took them now! This is a great list, thank you for posting 😊

  7. I’m hoping the weather warms up a little soon so I can get out in my garden. Sitting with a book in one of my favourite things to do. We’re going to try visiting a local farm this summer too and taking a picnic as the farm is set on a huge estate.

  8. There are some good ideas, especially going for a walk!! It is a hard one especially as things are opening, but people are (and rightly so) still cautious about going out to restaurants, gyms, etc

  9. I will definitely be visiting a load of national trust places! I got my membership card last year and havent been able to use it as much as I would have liked, so now they’re open I shall be trying to get my moneys worth with it and visit lots of lovely places!

    Chloe xx

  10. These are all really good ideas, I have been struggling a bit to think of fun things to do where there isn’t loads of people. I love the idea of going horse riding, I haven’t done that in years! X

  11. i love the horse riding & visiting an animal farm idea! my family usually make a stop at an animal farm on our way home from our annual summer trip, and it’s nice to think that we can still do that–something fun, outdoors, together, as well as safe! xx

  12. Yes, outdoor activities are my jam! Great ideas here. I’ve been visiting some botanical gardens which is really nice! Paddling seems safe enough too. And picnics, I love a good old fashioned picnic.

  13. These are great ideas, I agree about the horse riding, would love to but a little scared🤔 and horses are absolutely so beautiful 👌

  14. I love going horse riding! This year I have been out twice on mountain trails and I just love ambling along with nothing to look at but the different kinds of trees and rocks. It reminds me there is more to life then the city. 🙂

  15. Loved this post, Jenny! I’ve managed to do quite a lot of your recommendations since the UK has opened up and it’s been so refreshing to spend time outside again.

  16. These all sound right up my street! I love the more activity based ones, especially horse riding, that’s the kind of thing I just didn’t really consider. Thanks for sharing these ideas! X

  17. Love these ideas! Horse riding, walking and spending time in your garden are definitely low-risk activities that are perfect for the summer!

  18. We all need something to do these days. I think kids can play with their friends by taking socially distant bike rides. If you have a place ride a horse that is awesome too.

  19. There’s so many great outdoor activities that can be done safely! Walking and biking are some of my easy go-tos, but horseback riding is such a great idea I wouldn’t have thought of! Thanks for sharing

  20. Great ideas here Jenny! I’ve been looking for more things for my partner and I to do together outside the house. Allow restaurants etc are all open again over here, I don’t feel comfortable going to them because barely anyone is adhering to wearing a mask or social distancing. We’ve got a hike planned for next Friday when he’s off so I’m looking forward to that. I’ll have to look into farms or local outdoor sanctuary’s.

  21. Flora and I are planning on going horse riding this summer so I’m glad to hear it’s a low-risk COVID activity! Seriously, Jenny, if and when you make it down to us, we’ll take you to a local stables so you can just pet them, horses are amazing! Great ideas here, thank you 🙂 xx

    Lisa |

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