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How To Support Bloggers Ads

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Hardworking bloggers deserve the support on their AD’s but sadly, that’s not always the case. On Instagram in particular, content marked as an AD often doesn’t receive the same amount of engagement and traction as “regular” content. Even my blog content marked as an AD occasionally doesn’t perform as well as some of my other non-AD content.

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I’m not sure what it is that makes some people reluctant to engage with an AD. But whatever it is, it needs to change. And collectively as bloggers, we need to be more supportive and encouraging of our peers and their achievements. Of course I’m not saying you have to support every AD you see – especially if it’s a brand you don’t align with or a blogger you don’t get on with.

But in general, I think there definitely needs to be more recognition for the ADs that bloggers are working so hard to create and are so deserving of receiving. Because if you’re a blogger yourself, you know just how much time and effort goes into creating content. Whether that’s a paid for post or not.

Here are some mega simple ways you can support other bloggers with their sponsored blog posts and AD’s on Instagram and other social media platforms. A lot of these options literally take a minute to do and they can massively help both the blogger and the brand!

How to support a bloggers AD on Instagram:

  • Like the content
  • Comment on the content
  • Share the content on your Instagram stories
  • Save the content to a collection
  • Tag friends in the content who might enjoy it
  • Swipe up on any story features
  • Follow the brand on Instagram
  • If you’re going to make a purchase, consider using any affiliate links
  • Click on any links within the content (even if you don’t intend to purchase)

How to support a bloggers AD on Twitter:

  • Like the content
  • Comment on the content
  • Re-tweet the content
  • Quote tweet the content with your own thoughts and opinions
  • Tag friends in the content who might enjoy it
  • Follow the brand on Twitter
  • If you’re going to make a purchase, consider using any affiliate links
  • Click on any links within the content (even if you don’t intend to purchase)

How to support a blog post which is an AD:

  • Like the content
  • Leave a meaningful comment on the content
  • Share the content on your Twitter account
  • Share the content on your Facebook account
  • Share the content on Pinterest
  • Link to the content in a round up post
  • Click on the links within the content
  • If you’re going to make a purchase, consider using any affiliate links

If you’re unsure on the specific ways to support other bloggers AD’s, I hope this was helpful to you! Do you have anything to add to this?


  1. Such an interesting post! I’ve read some conversations where people have basically stated straight up that they feel uncomfortable about bloggers advertising anything. Which is funny because that’s sort of the point. What was clearly readable between the lines was that it all comes down to jealousy or people feeling that it’s unfair that someone could earn money for doing something so fun and pleasant. Human nature is so weird sometimes, but knowing that the rest of us can support each other knowing that our life values are in a better shape 😉 x

    1. Gosh it really is weird isn’t it but it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest! At least there are a lot of people out there who will support AD’s and bloggers getting paid for things!

  2. Fab advice! It’s definitely something that seems to be looked over – such a shame but works so well if they’re blended in xx

  3. This needed to be out the thank you Jenny for sharing this. I see it as some sort of practicing kindness to one another let’s continue to spread the love through supporting one another people.

  4. We like to think we do the above as much as possible. We are a little inactive on insta but definitely is a post or product from a blogger takes our fancy we do retweet with our own thoughts and opinions. We could all do a bit more, given how tough and gruelling this blogging journey can be, so thank you for the reminder. x

  5. So far, I haven’t displayed any ads or devoted myself to affiliate programs though I have plans to take it more seriously. However, I try to use affiliate links for my subscriptions, thanks for sharing these tips! I hope that I can continue supporting the blogging community, and that I would be able to take my blog to the next phase someday soon. All the best, have a beautiful weekend! 🙂

  6. I always try my best to like or retweet all of the ads I see to help out. But I really feel like for me this is always an Instagram issue. My blog ads and tweets always get good support but totally flop on instagram (when I used to post regularly). It’s so easy to help out, like or leave a quick comment x

  7. This is such a helpful post and will hopefully motivate more people to help support ad content. I have to admit that I too have noticed that I get less traffic and engagement when I’m doing an ad than regular content, yet I put just as much, if not more effort into those posts.

  8. I love this!! Though I can’t always spend my pennies and contribute in that way, I love to engage, save, and share posts as much as possible–especially when they’re an ad, because the vast majority of the time, that blogger deserves that moment & should see the engagement that proves it!! xx

  9. I recently learned that saving content on Instagram really helps the creator – and of course sharing them to my stories is something I like to do! I’m all for supporting other bloggers as well as small businesses these days and I’m bummed out I didn’t support small businesses earlier! Thanks for sharing Jenny – these are very helpful for people who aren’t aware of how to support their faves! 🙂

  10. Yes!
    I think this is a great post and a great reminder to take a few easy moments and use kindness to help out a fellow blogger.
    So many times we completely overlook others’ content and ads. We should try more to be a more supportive blogging community!

  11. I love these tips! Even if it’s something that you may not want to participate in directly, sharing an ad can dramatically increase the views and is an easy way to support others

  12. Great post, it can be so discouraging when you’re promoting a blog post or social media post that’s an ad and you just don’t seem to get the traffic you usually get from your ‘normal’ content. This is a great list of ideas to help support other bloggers though xx

  13. This is such a useful and important post. I think you can forget that ADs are a way of income for a lot of bloggers, so its important to acknowledge these. Definitely makes you think about what you are consuming and how to support others.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  14. Really good advice thank you for sharing. I’m new to blogging and it’s nice to know ways I can help others. Shame to hear that peoples hard work isn’t doing so well just because it has AD in front of it.

  15. This is a really important post. We should learn to support people’s ad content as a show of support, and what may take us a few minutes to do will mean so much to the content creator and the brand.

  16. Hey Jenny what an excellent topic to touch on in terms of blogging. I’m very guilty of by-passing ads myself. Yes I’ll like and comment on the posts but I know it really counts towards the blogger with the link clicking to the product or item they’re promoting. I’ll make it my mission to start clicking on the links more even if I’m not purchasing because I know that traffic boost will benefit the blogger in the long-run.

    Natonya |

  17. Great post! I always find that Instagram ADs under-perform compared to my regular content, even though my general theme/style stays the same! And I can see it with others bloggers too. Fortunately my blog ADs are okay, but I don’t do them often. But I definitely try to support those IG sponsorships, especially when you can see how hard the blogger has worked to produce some amazing content! Love the sentiment behind this 🙂

    Anika |

  18. I love this! In terms of how I engage with the post itself, I’ll read it if it catches my eye, same with any posts regardless of whether they’re ads or not. But I have to confess I never really considered how I could support them on other platforms as well, so this is such great advice, thanks! I’ll definitely be trying to help out others more for sure!

  19. Yesssss!!!!

    Well said girl!
    This is so important! It’s shocking how much difference it can make when you disclose that a post is an ad – it’s like people just want to move on immediately and not even look at it.

    I hope it changes soon. I always try to support ads when I can! ☺️

    Love Lozza x

  20. Although I don’t make money from my blog (yet!!) I still have Ads for gifted content and definitely find they do not perform as well. I love supporting other content creators and try to engage with Ads as much as possible. This was a great post for those looking to engage more!

  21. I honestly think a lot of AD-marked posts (blogs, tweets, IG posts) don’t get the same amount of interaction as unpaid content because people are – dare I say it, yes, I will – jealous. A lot of work goes into blogging and influencer content, and not everyone can do it. You’re right, we do need to support each other. Good post, Jenny, thank you xxx

  22. OMG yes, yes and yes to everything in this post Jenny! I wish people could support our ads more, I can’t understand why people would be scared to do so?! It’s so weird, I try and support as many blogger’s ads as I can as I think it’s so important to give that support when they’re worked hard to create content for a brand! x

    Lucy |

  23. Such a lovely post Jenny. You couldn’t be more right either. Supporting fellow bloggers is one massive thing that actually doesn’t happen enough 💛

  24. I appreciate when a post states content is “sponsored” or “ad”, but it doesn’t change my interactions, I still like, read and comment as per non-sponsored posts.

  25. I think that even when a specific post IS a sponsored one, has to be written around with the writer truly appreciating and caring about said product, so he\she doesn’t *NEED* to say that that’s actually an ad.

    Just saying “hey, here’s a sponsored post for you” and rambling about the product in my opinion feels forced and personally I wouldn’t care about that as a reader.

    On the other hand, seamlessly incorporating the ad while making the focal point NOT about the ad, it’s the best way to get people interested in it.

  26. These are great ways to support bloggers. I always like and retweet even if I don’t purchase to make sure I support others.

  27. This post is great, as a blogger reading this I actively try and do it all! We should 100% support each other. If any non-bloggers read this, hopefully they will see the power in their actions when it comes to supporting our grind!


  28. Love this post, Jenny! I agree that it’s time people be more supportive of sponsored content. Will definitely be implementing your tips on how we can better support the blogging community 🙂

  29. This is such a helpful post! I’m with you that some of my AD posts don’t do as well, but at least I’ll be more aware of ways I can support others bloggers ADs!

  30. We havent really wrote a Ad post on our blog yet but we noticed that the last time we promoted content on instagram it didn’t do very much and we got a couple of negative comments about paying to promote.

    We generally try and be positive about other peoples content and like and share as much as possible 😊

  31. I haven’t personally wrote a post as an AD yet but I have seen others do it, I do try my best to support and I don’t see why it would put others off. I always read a post I’m interested in or want to learn more off and it doesn’t matter if it’s an AD or not 😊 I do think others need to be more supportive though! X

  32. This is great advice Jenny. I agree that my non AD posts do much better than ones marked as AD which is such a shame because I feel like I really put my all in to any post that I am creating for others either paid or gifted.

    I am certainly going to be more aware of my interaction on other peoples now as well.

    Thanks for sharing x

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