AD Collaborative Post // Artificial grass has fast become the first choice for many homeowners looking to update and enhance their garden spaces by installing this long-lasting, low-maintenance alternative to a traditional turf lawn. However, did you know that more and more uses are being found for artificial grass – inside?

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

That’s right, artificial grass suppliers across the country are receiving more and more orders for artificial turf that is required for internal projects, as opposed to just for domestic gardens.

Here are 6 creative indoor uses for artificial grass:


Gyms are arguably more popular now than they ever have been before. There are many different gyms to choose from offering different ways to exercise and work out, and a lot of people are actually converting their garages into home gyms. To offer a different surface for workout and to change the look and feel of the environment, many gyms are using artificial grass to enhance indoor areas. With durable properties, artificial grass is perfect for a full range of exercises.


A lot of offices are seeking out fun and creative ways to transform traditional workplace environments into fun and engaging workspaces that appeal to a wide range of working professionals. Many offices are using artificial grass to update workspaces with a quirky edge, with some even converting areas into mini putting greens. Fancy that!


Nurseries and pre-schools are always on the look-out for new and exciting ways to create different, exciting environments for little ones to explore and enjoy. Some nurseries are now using artificial grass for both indoor and outdoor facilities for their children. With artificial grass being a child-friendly product, it’s an easy choice for childcare providers to offer kids a new sensory experience.


Many people have studios within their home and they are used for a range of purposes; writing, art, music, or just rest and relaxation. A lot of artificial grass has been used to create an almost ‘outdoors indoors’ experience within these studios. Of course, artificial grass can be installed in the same way as carpet, so it’s a quick and easy way to add a modern yet unusual finish to any studio.

Man Cave

For the football fanatic with a dedicated man cave, it’s certainly not uncommon that artificial grass has been used to create a sports theme within the space. Of course, not just limited to men. A woman cave can also be updated in the same vain!

Doggy Day Care

Last but certainly not least, one of the most common indoor uses for artificial grass is doggy day care! It’s no secret that we love our pets, and doggy day care centres want to provide their pups with fun and exciting environments to explore with their four-legged friends. With artificial grass being easy to clean and maintain, and of course with its durable properties against damage, it’s the ideal choice!

Interesting? We certainly think so!

It’s amazing to see artificial grass being utilised for so many different purposes other than just garden lawns. With it being easy to clean, easy to maintain and contemporary looking, artificial grass can certainly brighten up any space all year round – inside or outside!

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