AD Collaborative Post // Marriage can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever be involved in, and it can also be one of the most trying. It is easy to get frustrated with your spouse, and this can happen when you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle and your spouse is not. While you cannot control what he or she does, there are some steps that you can take to encourage him or her to live a healthier lifestyle with you.

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Cook Healthy Meals Together

If the two of you enjoy time in the kitchen together, this can be a great place to start living healthier. Instead of choosing high-fat and carb-loaded foods, try to cook more nutritious food together. You will be able to feel great about what you are putting into your body, and you can find some great new recipes along the way. If your spouse is hesitant at first, try to get him or her to agree to a healthier meal at least one night a week.

Exercise Together

Exercise can be a great bonding activity for couples. You do not have to do any type of formal exercise at the gym, either. You can simply take a brisk walk or jog together. As with the cooking, if your spouse is hesitant at first, try to get him or her to agree to going at least once a week. After that, you can build to going more and more. Your spouse might be surprised at how much he or she enjoys spending time together like this!

Eliminate Bad Habits

If your spouse has some habits that are less than desirable, it is important not to berate him or her too much about them. No one wants to be lectured about a bad habit. If he or she is bad about drinking several cups of coffee a day and getting too much caffeine, you can suggest that he or she mix some cups with half decaf coffee. If he or she has been trying to quit cigarettes but is having a hard time, consider getting him or her vaping supplies from Smokingthings to see if that is a good substitute.

You and your spouse can both live a healthier lifestyle with a little bit of effort. Your spouse may not change his or her habits overnight, but you can be the cheerleader the whole way through. If he or she is still hesitant about the change, be the example for him or her.


  1. You’ve made some really great points here. It’s important to be constructive when suggesting healthier alternatives rather than lecturing someone about their bad habits. And doing something like cooking together or trying a new physical activity are such good ways to spend time together too x

  2. This is such a great post. So important to help your spouse and it is always easier being healthy when your spouse is on board too!

  3. This is great and speaks volumes to me! I have been on this boat ever since I started dating my husband. We were 15/16 when we started dating and he was a thin guy who could eat a buffet for every meal and lose weight. I on the other-hand have always been heavier. We’ve been doing a bit better with our food which is nice and taking long walks! I think age is getting to him Lol Thanks for sharing x

  4. So I don’t half an other half that I can necessarily relate this to, but I was thinking of my parents while reading it which certainly gave me the giggles because there’s definitely some bad habits there that wind each other up. Should suggest they go out for more walks together (if only because it gives me some peace and quiet!)

  5. Whether it be a spouse, family member, or good friend, encouraging healthy habits is an important thing. Kindness is key. It takes time to develop a new healthy habit and make it a part of your lifestyle. This includes being kind to ourselves. Striving for perfection is hard. I always think, add one healthy tip at a time, little by little. In the end, it all adds up, even if you don’t follow super strict rules.

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