Ad collaborative post // Valentines Day, as commercialized as it may have become, is a day for those in relationships or even those with some great friends they appreciate, to go the extra mile to share their love. Whether your partner is into his grooming and shaving, or whether he prefers to go au natural day-to-day, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to buy your other half something luxury that they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves and can adopt into their daily routine.

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There is a huge range of grooming related gifts to choose from that are sure to be hugely appreciated and make your other half look and smell better in the long run – it’s a win-win!

Double Edge Safety Razors

Since the conception of the cartridge razor with its disposable blades, many more traditional shaving methods have been lost into the background. Most men will opt for a cheap razor they see on the shelves at the local supermarket than invest in a high-quality double edge safety razor that can last them a lifetime.

Safety razors are more expensive than the disposable options out there, but they can last a lifetime and the quality of the shave is tenfolds better than anything a disposable razor can provide. Instead of having multiple blades, DE safety razors have one sharp blade on the razor head that can be closed or open comb depending on your partners existing experience with wet shaving. Closed comb razors are ideal for beginners as the blade is less exposed to avoid potential nicks and allow your partner to perfect their technique over time.

The English Shaving Company are the leading supplier of double edge safety razors in Europe, stocking all the best and most popular brands in the wet shaving industry, so you can find a luxurious razor made from stainless steel or chrome-plated brass that your partner can use for many years to come. Instead of replacing the entire razor and contributing to landfills, your partner can simply swap and recycle the blades, helping you to do your bit for the environmental problem too.


Another great option for a grooming related Valentines Day gift is some luxury skincare. It’s quite common among women to spend a significant amount of money on skincare that claims to make us look ten years younger and less puffy-eyed in the morning, but for men, it can often be forgotten about.

Why not treat your other half to some facial skincare such as a thick night cream to moisturise their face while they sleep, or a brightening face wash to help wake their skin up and give it some much-needed vitamins in the morning? It’s just as important for men to take care of their skin as women, so Valentine’s Day is an ideal time to help them get their skincare routine started, whether you opt for a nice serum, spot cream, anti-ageing moisturiser or an exfoliate to help them give their skin some TLC.

Beard Care

After a year of most of us being stuck at home, many men have decided to let their facial hair grow out and avoid putting stress on their skin by shaving every day. If your partner has an impressive beard or moustache going on, you could treat them to a dedicated beard care set or choose something like beard oil, balm, wash or wax to help them keep their beard clean and styled rather than unruly.


Last but not least, a failsafe grooming gift is investing in your partner’s favourite fragrance. Whether its an aftershave, cologne or eau de toilette, you could go for your partner’s trusty favourite scent or do your research to find an entirely new one they might like to surprise them. Fragrances are a highly personal choice, so Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance for you to show your partner just how well you know them!


  1. Even though it’s after Valentine’s Day, these ideas will come in handy for my bf’s bday in April! I usaully get him a set from Rituals, but a new razor & some cologne would be nice!

  2. These are some great ideas! My boyfriend is massively into his skincare and I never thought to look for nice luxury brands for him to use that are different to his everyday things! Thank you for sharing!

  3. These are all great idea! Even if Valentine’s day is past us, these could come handy for a birthday or Christmas. Love the idea of some luxury skincare and a great perfume! Thanks for shairng x

  4. What great ideas! I’m still trying my hardest to get my boyfriend to bother about skincare, he’s not one to care about that stuff so I’ve been getting him skincare products as well as the odd SPF but he always forgets to use them! A new razor actually sounds very useful for him, might have to add that in for his birthday in the next 2 months 😉

  5. Some great ideas here!! I’ve never quite understood why skin-care is focused so much on women – we’ve all got it, right? I love that you’ve included it here!

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