AD collaboration post // DIY can be a lot of fun since it gives you the option to create something that’s completely in line with your tastes and preferences. when it comes to furniture. If you’re looking for affordable beautiful furniture itself, SOGESHOME is a great option, visit the site here. Whether you want to give a new lease of life to your old furniture, create a new look in your living room or bedroom, or spruce up your garden, there are plenty of easy and cost-effective DIY projects to consider getting started with. No matter your skill level, here are some fun DIY projects to try this year that you’ll certainly be proud of when you have the end results.

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Pallet Garden Furniture

If you are enjoying the nicer weather as spring starts to bloom and want somewhere in your garden to sit and relax in the sun with a book, the price of garden furniture at this time of year might be making your eyes water. Sure, you can always get a deck chair or a chair from your dining table, but they’re not all that comfortable for sitting outside. The solution: pallet furniture. Pallets are cheap to get hold of and easy to work with if you want to make a simple outdoor chair or sofa.

You’ll need the right tools, including a saw to cut your pallets to the size that you want them and a drill for fixing them together with screws. You can make a simple seat out of pallets by building a couple of pallets up together to make the base and adding a back with half a pallet behind them. Once you’ve built it, sand it down, paint it any color you like using outdoor paint, and add some pretty cushions.

Wall Paneling

Are your feature walls looking a bit plain? If you want a feature wall in your home that’s a different color to the rest of the room but want something a little more subtle than extravagant wallpaper, wall paneling could be the ideal choice for you. To do this, you will need to measure the wall that you are going to be doing the paneling on and get sheets of MDF cut to size.

You can go for a simple grid pattern, add paneling to the bottom of the wall only, or even create a fun geometric pattern if you’re feeling adventurous. Nail them to the walls or use strong glue to keep them in place, before filling any gaps with decorators’ caulk and painting in your chosen color.

Furniture Upcycling

If you have old pieces of furniture around your home that are becoming a bit of an eyesore, why not consider giving them a new lease of life and making them fit in with the rest of your furniture and décor by upcycling them? Whether you have a TV cabinet that’s a different color to the shelves you have placed next to it or a coffee table that’s scratched and looking a little bit worse for wear, there’s a lot that you can do with some wood filler, sandpaper, and furniture paint.

IKEA Hacks

IKEA is an ideal choice for new furniture and items around the home because it’s affordable, easy to assemble, and they have lots of options available. However, did you know that you can take on a lot of DIY projects with your IKEA furniture and turn them into something completely different? For example, you could make a new platform storage bed using Kallax units or turn a basic cabinet into something that looks much more expensive by adding new legs and creating doors from a sheet of MDF or plywood and adding hinges.

Whether you love DIY or want to get started with making your own stuff, these are just some of the most fun projects to try around the home this year that are suitable for almost anyone.

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  1. Pallets are fab! I’ve acquired quite a few since taking on the allotment- most are going to be turned into vertical planters/fencing, but I also want to make a pergola.

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