AD – This is a collaborative post // There is nothing more exciting then designing a new space in your home, especially if that space is to become a new bedroom for you and your guests! The bedroom is a personal reflection of your tastes and experiences, and it can be difficult to know how to decorate your loft conversion in a way that reflects you and makes your guests feel at home. There are lots of design decisions to be made when you design a loft conversion bedroom, but we have done the hard work for you and come up with the main design decisions you need to make!

Firstly, it will be important to gauge how much natural light enters your loft bedroom, as this will dictate what type of colour scheme you should have. You can increase the amount of natural light in your loft by having multiple skylights on the sloped roof, or a Juliet balcony on the vertical wall of your loft. If you cannot add more windows, a nifty trick is to use mirrors, either free-standing or mirrored wardrobes, to reflect more natural light around the room.

Once you have established how much natural light is in your room, you can pick a colour scheme! If you do not have much natural light coming into your loft bedroom, choosing lighter more natural colours for painting the walls will help to keep your bedroom feeling as spacious as possible. If you have lots of natural light, you can play around with darker colours, possibly making a feature wall behind the bed or on the vertical, not-sloping walls. If you have white walls, try not to choose white furniture, as it can make your bedroom seem clinical and bare, lacking character and colour.

A feature which many people forget about, is choosing a bedspread. It is often overlooked as a feature of a bedroom but has huge design implications. If you have chosen plain colours in the rest of the room, try using a colourful or patterned bedspread to draw attention and create a focus point in the room. You can change the ambience of your room with the colours you choose and patterns you pick, so get creative and have a play around! Don’t forget about decorative cushions too, which can be a really nice finishing touch to compliment the colour or theme of a room.

A great way to finish your room with a personal touch is with artwork. You can go abstract, or use family photographs, depending on who the room is going to be used by. If you aren’t a fan of art, you can decorate your room using a bookshelf. There are many creative storage options you can have in a loft conversion, including in-built shelving. Filling these shelves up with colourful books can create an academic, tidy feeling, which is great if you want your loft bedroom to double up as a work area.

For more examples of beautiful loft conversion bedrooms, take a look at the Simply Loft case studies to gain more inspiration for your loft conversion bedroom.


  1. We’re actually planning a wee loft conversion in the future! We have so much room up there, all we need is access, skylights etc and it would be great as an extra bedroom or an office space!

  2. These are very good suggestions for decorating a loft! I love the blue colour of the walls – it has enough colour but not too much. Thanks for sharing!

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