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TW – This post talks about betting and gambling.

Matched Betting is something I’ve heard about a LOT from various bloggers over the last few years. It was something I was intrigued about, read the odd blog post about and contemplated giving a go for quite some time. Risk free money? Yes please! Who wouldn’t be tempted by that?

matched betting

But given the fact that I’m a bit of a wuss and highly skeptical of a lot of things, I knew deep down that I was never going to do it. Despite how many blog posts I read or how many people were shouting about it from the rooftops. There were many reasons why I knew in my soul that I wouldn’t have done it:

  • I have very little knowledge of betting
  • I’m not very confident with new online platform (yes despite the fact I work online every day, go figure)
  • I’m quite nervous and not a risk-taker (despite being told constantly that Matched Betting is risk free)

And quite honestly, I was just scared that I was going to f*** it up and lose all my money. 

I’ve got very limited knowledge of betting. I only bet on Formula 1 and the Snooker occasionally through Bet 365. But I always have to confirm with my boyfriend or my Dad what the odds are and what they mean, as well as various terminology you’ll find on all betting platforms.

So all in all, I really don’t seem like the ideal person to be delving into Matched Betting, do I?

That was until John got in touch with me earlier in April. Before we get into Johns service and my experience in working with him, I just want to answer a few commonly asked questions about Matched Betting.

matched betting

What is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting is a way of using betting sites which guarantees you a profit every time. You utilize the free bets that bookmakers often give new customers and use those to place bets on the same games across multiple bookmakers, which means you’ll end up with a profit.

For more information on how Matched Betting works, check out the How It Works page.

Is Matched Betting legal and tax-free?

Yes and yes! You’re certainly not doing any dodgy Wolf of Wall Street dealings and all the money you make through Matched Betting is tax-free, so you don’t have to declare it to the tax man and you get to keep every penny.

So how did I start Matched Betting if I was so worried about it?

I started Matched Betting when John from Matched Betting Tutor got in touch with me in April and explained about the service he offers. Basically, he’s a Matched Betting tutor. He tutors people, like me, who are nervous about Matched Betting and who perhaps need more guidance in understanding the jargon, terminology and what to do.

I am basically John’s ideal customer, so I was eager to get started with him. I’ve been getting tutored by John for a little under a month now and I would 100% continue to be tutored by him for as long as I’m using Matched Betting.

How much profit have I made?

There are a few factors which come into play in regards to making a profit from Matched Betting. Time and money being the main two.

For example, someone who starts Matched Betting with higher amounts, is going to make a larger profit quicker. Or someone that dedicates some time every single day to placing bets, is going to make money quicker than someone who’s only doing it once a week.

I started with fairly low deposits in my accounts but after 3ish weeks of chatting with John (although not every day, mind you. So overall it’s probably about 2 and a half weeks) I’ve made almost £200 in profit. 

How does the service work?

You begin at the very beginning and John talks you through every step of the way. He’s very clear on the fact that you work at YOUR pace and at YOUR comfort level. He’ll never force you to deposit a load of money that you don’t want to deposit! Hence why I started with depositing £20 across 3 sites.

He has a handy chat box on his website, which he uses to chat to all his clients. John is super efficient and responds almost immediately to everything you ask. You’ll use this chat box for your tutoring but he’s always available via email to answer any questions.

And trust me, he’s SUPER accommodating because I’ve had a LOT of questions over the month and he’s been quick and thorough in answering every single one. Sorry John!

John tells you exactly what websites to sign up for, what to deposit (within your own personal limit) and what bets to place. He also requires you to send a screen shot of your bets once they’re placed, so he can ensure that you’ve done it correctly. No personal details are on these screenshots – just the betting slip.

You’re charged 20% of whatever you make. So for example, if you make £100, you’ll be giving John £20. But you don’t hand over a penny until you hit the £250 mark. So if they don’t get you to the £250 mark, there’s nothing in it for them. 

So how do you make the profit?

When you sign up for these betting sites, most bookmakers offer sign up bonus, usually in the form of free bets. So you sign up and deposit £10 of your own money for example but then receive £40 in free bets to place on whatever you want. You can’t withdraw your free bets – you have to use them on bets to turn them into money.

But this is where the use of the multiple websites and multiple free bet offers come in. You’re using your free bets against each other to make that profit. It’s literally a no-lose situation.

But even if you don’t understand this very well (like I didn’t), luckily John does. He seriously knows his stuff and is SO knowledgeable. So you really don’t have to worry about a thing because John will talk you through absolutely everything.

Start your journey with Matched Betting Tutor today!

matched betting

Why should you use Matched Betting Tutor?

You can trust them: Their payment method makes them incredibly easy to trust. But it also confirms that they know what they’re doing and are confident that they can get you to at LEAST the £250 mark!

It’s SO easy: When you have someone talking you through every step of the way, it really is so easy. If I had tried to do this on my own, I would have 100% fucked it up.

It works around you, your time and your schedule: It’s totally up to you how much money and time you put into this service and Matched Betting. Most of the games I’ve had to bet on have ended late at night when I know I’m going to be asleep. But it doesn’t matter because I’ll just check in with John the following day.

There’s no pressure: And following on from that, there’s no pressure. If you can’t do anything for a week whilst you’re on holiday, it doesn’t matter. John isn’t going to be pestering you!

It doesn’t matter how little you know: If like me, you know very little about betting and are worried that your lack of knowledge is what’s going to hold you back, it’s totally not.

They’re so efficient: Like I said earlier, John is super efficient and replies to you almost instantly. You rarely have to wait for a reply and he knows SO much about Matched Betting that whatever questions you have, he’ll be able to answer them.

Want some free money to get started on Matched Betting with Matched Betting Tutor?

If you fancy starting your Matched Betting journey with John then you’re definitely going to want to enter this giveaway! John is offering 5 people, £5 to get to started with him on Matched Betting and GUARANTEES to take you to a profit of £500. Providing you put in the time and effort of course!


Terms & Conditions:

  1. Ends 28th May
  2. John’s fee is 20%. As I mentioned earlier, 20% is only taken once you reach that £500 mark. It’s a process and you can spend your winnings at the end or when you decide to quit.
  3. You must be over 18, live in the UK ad be able to show bookmakers ID and proof of address.
  4. Be able to spend 10 to 15 minutes a few days a week to setup accounts and place bets.

Do you do Matched Betting? I’d love to hear your experience! Would you consider using a service like this if you weren’t sure about it?

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  1. Oh wow Jenny this is so useful! I keep seeing stuff about it on Twitter but I never really know where to look or where to start with it. Always worried I’ll do something wrong and end up losing money! But this sounds fab! Entered the raffle! Fingers crossed 🙂

  2. It is now just a few hours until the giveaway (with rafflecopter) will close. Given that I will provide the money to get you started its 100% risk free and you do not need any skills or betting experience. All I need is 10 to 20min of your time when it suits you a few days a week 🙂

  3. I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of matched betting before! I’m also just generally wary of anything betting and putting money into haha. This does sound a little better because of the coaching etc. Glad to hear that the experience worked out for you!

  4. This sounds like such an interesting experience! I’ve never done any kind of betting, but I know it’s something that a lot of other people really enjoy. I think it’s good that you used a tutor to provide education and bet in a safer, smarter manner!

  5. I hadn’t heard of matched betting before your post. Betting has never really been a thing for me apart from one trip to the dog race track and the odd go at an amusement. For me I would rather not bet at all. But this is a great idea for people looking to make some extra cash. It is great there is a service like a tutor to help people learn more about the opportunity. Thank you for sharing your post.

    Lauren xx

  6. Hi Jenny

    and thank you for the review 🙂

    Matched betting is indeed a great side hustle and can be done for a short period to cash in on welcome offers or you can carry on long term for a sustainable tax free 2nd income.

    As Jenny explains in her post, its a guided process that covers everything from where to sign up, what bets to place and everything you need to know. You can learn it as we go or just follow the process and watch your bank grow. There is no skill needed but obviously if you are comfortable navigating websites that will help in terms of speed.

    I guarantee everyone at least £500 profit provided they have not signed up with too many bookmakers from before. As the offers we do depend on you being a new customer. So the less gambling you have done in the past the more you stand to earn.

    you just need to be able to spare 10 to 20min a few days a week to meet up with me in chat, sign up for bookmaker accounts and make the bets I lay out. Feel free to email me at with any questions you might have. If you want to read another review of my service you can take a look at Beths review below. Beth has moved at a rapid pace and is allready at around £650 profit!

  7. I have been hearing about matched betting everywhere, but as you, I am very skeptical about how these things works, but it sounds like a great opportunity to learn and get some guidance! x

  8. I’ve been reading up all about matched betting this week. It feels like a good step for me to make extra cash but I’m like you, I’m scared of messing it up and would need John to seriously tutor me through each step. I’ve entered the giveaway, fingers crossed I win!


  9. Wow this is intriguing. It’s something I know very little bit (okay, nothing) and I’d be like you, super apprehensive about starting something like this, but sounds like you’ve found a way that really works for you!

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