ad collaborative post // There is an endless list of games, activities and fun that you can enjoy with your friends outdoors, in the garden, at the beach or in your local park. Keep reading to see just some of these great ideas you can use this summer when catching up safely with your friends.

1. Get Out in Nature

The UK is full of lovely, green countryside spots which are great locations to spend the day. Why not explore a nearby woodland trail, go hiking or even bring your bike for a faster ride. This is also a great way to catch up with those you haven’t seen recently while enjoying some fresh air. And if you’re a budding photographer then the countryside also offers plenty of opportunities for photos. Test out your landscape skills on your phone camera and even try to find some wildlife to capture digitally too!

One increasingly popular nature activity is geocaching. This is essentially a modern day treasure hunt where you explore locations of special interest or natural beauty. Fellow players hide ‘caches’ outdoors for people to find with GPS coordinates. All you need to play is your phone, your friends and some good walking boots.

2. Foodie Heaven

Food is one of life’s greatest joys so not why not bring this outside when seeing your friends? Pack a picnic full of everyone’s favourite snacks, but don’t forget to bring cutlery and blankets to sit on if there’s no table. You could also ask everyone to bring along a dish and try out each other’s cooking skills.

If you want to try something a little different, you could plan your own tasting sessions with new cuisines. This is a great way of developing your cooking skills and trying new foods too – it may also give you inspiration for your next holiday destination.

For those with gardens, a classic BBQ is another fantastic way of socialising outdoors with some tasty food and drink. If you want to get more use from your garden as a social space, you may want to invest in a fabric shade sail canopy. These cover up your garden and shield it from the sun, wind and rain. They are also available in a range of colours and sizes to suit every space. Or for a more flexible approach, you could install a retractable canopy from the A&S Landscape canopies uk range.

3. Games Galore

A great way of creating a party atmosphere is to play some games together. If you have some planning time on your hands, you could set up a scavenger hunt around your local area. For something simpler, you can find giant jenga and chess sets for your lawn. And if you bring out a table then you can also enjoy some good old fashioned board games like Monopoly. Don’t let the rain stop your fun though, by installing a shade sail over your space you can keep playing come rain or shine.

4. Get Fit Together

It can be hard to find time to regularly exercise and keep fit, but following a routine with a friend makes this much more enjoyable. You could find a local sports centre and learn a new sport like padel tennis. Or stay at home and set up an outdoor gym area in your garden by adding some fitness equipment and creating your own workouts, such as ping pong with the best outdoor ping pong table.

Why not try exercises like Pilates and yoga to build up some muscle strength. These can also be enjoyed together on yoga mats or grass. Hopefully these ideas will make exercising regularly more fun and easier to stick to.

5. Bring Out Your Creative Side

Exploring new hobbies can be even more fun when enjoyed outdoors with friends. You could give your garden a mini makeover and discover if you have green fingers. Or try out some DIY by building your own vegetable beds. If you want something more laidback, then try setting up a book club for the summer and visit each other’s gardens each time.

Of course you can also enjoy some arts and crafts in the garden too. This is a great way of encouraging your family to get outdoors and take some time away from a screen. But if it’s sunny don’t forget to keep your little ones safe from the sun under a canopy or sun hat.

It’s clear that the outdoors is a great place to hang out with your close ones as there’s so much that you can do together. Whatever you decide to do, have fun and stay safe this summer.


  1. These are all great ideas! We always meet up with a good friend for a foodie tour of China Town and a walk around London, so maybe we need to switch that up a bit! These are great ideas I will pass onto them ladies x

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