AD // When it comes to online dating, the first thing you’ll probably have to contend with is your online dating profile on whichever UK dating site you choose. For someone who doesn’t have any experience with online dating, it might seem a really daunting prospect – but it doesn’t have to be!

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Online dating via apps is an incredibly popular way to meet someone these days and there are so many different types of apps to choose from, depending on your needs, your wants, your sexual orientation and much more! The first thing to do is find an app you fit well with and for this,  you’re going to want to shop around and do some research, including reading adult dating patrol app reviews, or similar content to give you an idea of what to expect.

I don’t know about anyone else but as soon as someone asks me to talk about myself or to speak about what I like to do – I literally forget every last thing I know about myself.

Luckily, with an online dating profile, you’ve got time to curate your profile and think about what you want to say, without being put on the spot like that!

You definitely need to take care in picking what dating site you want to use, depending on what your needs are. Check out some fling dating site reviews to help make your choice if you’re looking for a fling!

In this post, we’re going to look at a range of ways you can make the most of your online dating profile, especially for those who are new to online dating, perhaps if you’re mature dating or dating over 50. These tips will include things you can (and shouldn’t) include plus some tips to help put your mind at ease, too!

Take your time with it 

Like I’ve just mentioned, there’s no time limit and you’re not going to be put on the spot with your dating profile. So you can take your time with it – there’s no rush! Your online dating journey is yours alone, so if you want to take your time at the start, that’s totally okay! No online dating uk sites will rush you!

Ask your friends for help

I recently wrote a blog post called What Do People Associate With Me? in which some of the answers really surprised me. So you could do something similar with your friends if you’re struggling with your online dating profile because often, others see us and see our traits differently!

Look for inspiration

Have a window shop around at other dating profiles and take note of what you like and what stands out to you from theirs. Obviously you don’t have to message these people but it can help to know what you personally find endearing about a profile so you can apply the same thing to yours.

Pick your photos carefully

Photos are a HUGE part of your online dating profile. And there are a lot of studies which have been done to teach us what type of photos do well (or not) on dating profiles. Here are some basic guidelines to go by when choosing your photos:

  • Be the main focus: Nobody wants to have to guess which one you are in a ton of photos of you and your mates
  • Smile! A recent poll found that 96% of people prefer seeing a smile over a pout!
  • Keep them recent: You’ll want photos that most closely reflect what you look like now, as opposed to 4 years ago
  • The more the better: Don’t be scared to add lots of photos to your dating profile – it’s likely to get more attention!
  • Show your hobbies: Try and have a mix of photos, including ones where you’re doing what you love!

Inject some humor 

Humor is a wonderful way to break the ice, so by injecting some humor into your online dating profile, you’re already giving potential connections a talking point. It’s also a good way to whittle out those you know you won’t get along with. If they don’t understand your humor, then be wary!

But avoid too much negativity

My humor can be pretty dark and self deprecating at times. But you’ll probably want to avoid that on a dating profile. Try and stay positive and whilst a little bit of dark humor is okay, you don’t want to shroud your dating profile in negativity!

Be honest

Lying won’t get you anywhere. In life and in the dating world! Honesty is always the best policy and your potential dates will understand and appreciate that too. Image how hurt you’d be if someone lied heavily on their dating profile to you?

Update your profile regularly 

And finally, things change. We change. And that’s okay. Remember to update your dating profile regularly to avoid any awkward encounters. For example, if you wrote that you play guitar 5 years ago and a recent date has matched with you because they also play guitar yet you’ve not picked yours up in half a decade – whoops.

I hope these tips will help you if you’re just starting out on your online dating journey! If you have any extra tips to add, leave them in the comments below!


  1. I love these tips! Especially the photo ones. It can be so hard to pick the right ones. I think getting a friend to pick some photos is a great idea!

    Corinne x

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