ad collaborative post // All of us want to look good and to maintain our beauty. Unfortunately, most of us, especially women, don’t have a constant budget, especially when taking care of our beauty. It is not unusual. We only tend to budget for things when pushed to the wall or don’t have much choice. However, we can change this if we want to be doing these things:

1. Learn Some Home DIY’s Hacks

Some beauty DIY’s can be tricky to do, especially if you’re one of those who have sensitive skin or you don’t know your skin type. However, the beauty of home DIY’s is that they save your wallet since you get to use natural products that are skin-friendly and maintain hygiene.

From our personal experience or a friend’s, you have encountered a situation where one developed skin conditions that have become hard to treat after visiting some beauty treatment centers. Most of these conditions originate after harsh or unknown chemicals were used on them. Some of these can be solved by simple home remedies. Also, in these spa’s you get to share things like towels, blades, etc.

Thanks to YouTube and Google, you can learn lots of DIY treatments to address any of your beauty concerns and save up a few coins in the long run.

2. Go Direct to Your Pharmacy

While visiting a skin dermatologist is the best recommendation to address your beauty concerns, you will be surprised at the many cheaper and better options in a good pharmacy. The truth is, most of our trusted dermatologists overcharge most of the products that they will be selling in their clinics. Also, eventually, most of them will still end up sending you to the pharmacy to buy some of these products.

At least in a pharmacy, you won’t have to pay consultation fees, and you will only spend on the products you will purchase from them. Not unless you have any medical concerns, skip the dermatologist for a while.

3. Look Out for Free Makeovers

Occasionally, you will come across an advert on the TV, social media, or any other platform advertising a free makeover. People offering these free makeovers often open their beauty brands and use this as a marketing strategy.

It will be hard for them to make any mistake when conducting these makeovers because their brand will get tarnished before it even kicks off. Why don’t you take advantage of such rare chances? Here, you will also get some free beauty tips, and you will most likely get the first best sample beauty products for free.

4. Look Out for Beauty Coupons

Big companies or even startup brands sponsor most coupons. Also, coupons are used as an incentive and advertising technique for most brands to offer the best at their discounted rate. Just like in the free makeovers, you won’t lack some of these adverts or competitions to make you win a coupon once in a while.

Also, this is an excellent opportunity for you to meet and learn different things about beauty. Imagine enjoying a first-class treatment at a professional medical spa, a top-notch salon at a discount? Don’t miss that opportunity to save some extra bucks.

5. Look For a Beauty School

Once in a while, you will get students looking for people to practice what they have learned in school _ these range from waxing, pedicure, manicure, hair plaiting, massage, and many more. They do this for free most times, but it won’t hurt paying them at a reduced cost. In the end, you both win, they get motivated, and you will have saved on your money.

6. Stick To One Good Brand

By this time, you most likely know what works for you and what doesn’t. It is easy to keep rotating from one beauty brand to another, particularly if your peers easily influence you. However, this may harm you financially, especially if you don’t use up the products that you have and a lot of wastage in the process.

Sticking to one brand helps you stick to a budget, and you will more likely not have any rough skin conditions if you stick to one product. Also, it will prevent you from heaping up a pile of beauty products in your home.

7. Source for Multi-Purpose Products

In the beauty world, it’s easy to think that multi-purpose products don’t exist, especially for women. Multi-purpose beauty products will save you money and the clutter in your beauty compartment. For example, you can use some creams on your face and whole body. If they work for you, why don’t you use them to save up some more? You won’t lack some of these products in today’s market.

For sure, the beauty industry can be the most confusing world you can ever be in. Every day, a new product pops up, and if you’re not careful, you may find yourself more confused than ever. The best trick is to know your skin type and know what works for you. Of course, you can still try out different beauty treatments but do so tactfully.

About the Author: Jennifer Bell is a freelance writer, blogger, dog-enthusiast, and avid beachgoer operating out of Southern New Jersey


  1. These are great ideas! I really want to try making some DIY beauty products. I always like trying new products from different brands, but I still have brands that fall back on.

  2. I’m trying to change up my skin-care routine a bit so I’m not stuck with expensive products. This was full of some really great tips – I miss having facials for sure, just not quite at that point again yet. Youtube it is!

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