ad collaborative post // Charlotte is one of the most happening places in North Carolina. It is a versatile city and has something for every taste. The city is ranked as one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas that can accommodate people from various ethnicities and several activities.

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Whether you plan to visit Charlotte for business or leisure purposes, the city has a lot to offer. Museums, cozy cafes, nature lover’s retreats, etc., make up some of the notable areas, though there are many places to see!

So why wait? Read this article till the end to know about various places you can visit in Charlotte:

Nascar Hall of Fame

Are you a sports car fanatic? If yes, you will relish this place. Even if you aren’t, you can become a fan after the visit. This place is a car racing fan’s paradise.

There is a lot to see in the Nascar hall of fame. You can enjoy the display of retired racing cars while going through behind the scenes of the car racing industry. This place is so well done and engaging that you’ll adore every moment of it till the end.

Location: 400 E Martin Luther King Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28202-2343

Tickets: Approx $50

Lake Norman

If you are a nature admirer, you’ll love this place a lot. Lake Norman is the largest freshwater lake in North Carolina. It also offers water sports and similar activities.

Note: If you have a health condition like diabetes, we’d suggest not indulging in tiring activities, rather engaging in sightseeing activities (we’re sure there’s no shortage of scenic places in Charlotte!)

This place is an absolute retreat if you want to have a chill time with your friends and family. It is just 20 miles away from the city center. One of the best locations for a quick getaway.

Similarly, you can also try Ramsey Creek Park for a family picnic. This park is at the Eastern shore of Lake Norman and gives a spectacular view. Make an advanced booking if you plan to visit during the weekends.

South End Breweries

Every edge of this city has a unique element. And this cute and cozy place can be the beer lover’s paradise. This area is a must-visit if you love brewed beers and ciders.

The neighborhood hosts a bunch of dainty little shops and food trucks. Shop from the thrift stores and try offbeat flavored beers. You can also experience live music by local artists.

Address: 117B W Lewis St, Greensboro, NC 27406, United States

Museums in Charlotte

Charlotte has a bunch of diverse museums catering to a host of niches. Apart from Nascar, you can visit the Bechtler Museum if you like contemporary art.

You can also adore the excellence of Mint Museum’s architecture. Furthermore, if you or your kids love science Discovery Place is the one for you. These are the must-visits. But if you have time, tour the others too.

Bechtler Museum

Address: 420 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28202, United States

Mint Museum

Address: 500 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28202, United States

Discovery Place

Location: 301 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28202-2138

Dilworth Neighborhood

History fanatics, this place is for you. It is a cute and cozy place to roam around while adoring the streetcars. Walk or cycle around to view the stunning bungalows. This place can keep you hooked for hours.

Dilworth neighborhood has that historical element that all history lovers will appreciate. Do not miss out on the stunning boutiques and Insta-worthy cafes.

Address: Dilworth, Charlotte, NC, USA

Must-Visit Cafe: 300 East 

Final Word

Charlotte has much to offer if you have time. So, make sure you plan a trip that covers most, if not all, the places listed above. Choose apartments in Charlotte NC that are close to the transit spots for smoother travel.

Next time you plan your itinerary for Charlotte, you know where to go!


  1. Even though I lived in the US most of my life, I haven’t been to many of the eastern states like North Carolina, but I would like to visit one day! The lake & Dilworth sound nice.

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