collaborative post // As 2021 stays on course to be the fastest year ever (completely unofficially), it should come as no surprise that we’re already on the verge of the big festivities that bring the year to a close. Once we’ve all tricked and treated our way through Halloween, it’s Guy Fawkes’ turn to star on the 5th of November with Bonfire Night.

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If you’re hosting a party this year, be it your first or just another in a long line of annual get-togethers, bear these tips in mind to make the most of the evening.

Keep your surroundings in mind

First and foremost, think about your setting. If you’re planning on letting off fireworks, ensure the area you choose is fit for doing so. That means having enough space to have people stand safely back from the display, no fire risks and nothing obstructive overhead.

Be mindful of residential noise rules in the area too. Your neighbourhood might not be as receptive to firework displays as others.

Let the neighbours know

Speaking of neighbourhoods, make sure your neighbours are aware of your plans. It’s Bonfire Night, so everyone can expect a noisy evening ahead, but it’s still good to show your neighbours enough courtesy to let them know it’ll be a particularly noisy one for them.

Of course, there’s a good chance they’ll be having some firework-based fun of their own, so it almost certainly won’t be an issue. If they’re not, you could even invite them around to your event.

Don’t go overboard with your fireworks

It’s easy to get carried away with the incredible fireworks you can buy today, but there are two things to bear in mind here: your setting and the cost.

Not everyone’s garden is built for the ‘Mega Shot 9000’ (probably not a real firework), even if it sounds great in theory. Similarly, not everyone’s budget is made for spending big on Bonfire Night. With Christmas around the corner, you’ll want to take time to get clued up on your finances and ensure you don’t go overboard at the start of an expensive period.

Get the food right

Bonfire Night is a great excuse for a social with your family and friends. Indeed, in most cases, the fireworks are secondary to the get-together itself, so it’s never a bad idea to focus on the simpler things that make a party good – the food and drink being two of them. Bonfire Night is the perfect excuse for some cosy winter grub.

So, fix up a stew, brew some hot cider or even laugh in late autumn’s face with a rebellious BBQ to put on some great food for your attendees. With these tips, you should have a great time. Just remember to keep warm, stay safe and look after your guests.

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