My first bookish blog post of the year and it couldn’t be anything else other than what I want to read this year, could it? I always get so excited at the prospect of all the books I can read at the start of the year and I have plenty on my bookshelves that I would absolutely love to get through, so I thought I’d share those with you today!

I never really set any goals or challenges in terms of my reading. I’ll set my Goodreads goal but that’s about it and even then, I’m not fussed whether I hit it or not. Book blogging – back in the day – really sucked the love out of reading for me, when everything was all about goals and deadlines and book reviews. So I definitely adopt a more relaxed approach to reading these days.

Which works very well for me and my lifestyle. I like to read what I want, when I want and I have a TON of different types of books and genres in this selection today! I loved talking about books in a more casual way last year and I’m excited to see what bookish content I can come out with over the next 12 months too.

It might not be the most well received content on my blog but another thing I learned from the previous 12 months in regards to blogging and ultimately my career as a blogger and content creator is that writing and creating things that I’m passionate about is THE MOST important thing to me.

I like talking about books again on my terms, with no obligation to review or even talk about them at all. Books are a huge part of my life so talking about them feels natural to me. I won’t be going into TOO MUCH detail about the books on this list – because there’s a lot of them. But you’ll find the Goodreads link in case you want to find out more.

So let’s get into it! Here are 9 books I’m hoping to read in 2022:

Unnatural Causes: The Life and Many Deaths of Britain’s Top Forensic Pathologist by Richard Shepherd

I’m a big big fan of non-fiction books and in particular medical related books. I’ve read a fair few over the last few years and I always find them interesting but always come away full of hope and admiration, too. I’m not sure Unnatural Causes will have quite the same effect but it sounds absolutely brilliant and utterly fascinating.

The Lemon Tree Cafe by Cathy Bramley 

I haven’t read a Cathy Bramley book in SO LONG. But I picked up The Lemon Tree Cafe in Tesco on a whim because I know at some point in the early new year, this will be the exact sort of sweet read I’m going to be after. I reviewed Cathy’s Ivy Lane back in 2015, which I absolutely adored!

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

I have a bit of a back story with this book. I received it a few years ago as part of a gifted book subscription service. I didn’t think it’d be for me so I gave it away. Then last year, I heard SO MANY great things about it that I decided to re-buy it and alas, once again, it’s been sitting on my shelf, untouched. So I’d actually like to FINALLY read Station Eleven this year!

The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett

I’ve heard countless amazing things about this book. I haven’t got around to reading it yet for no other reason than that other books seemed to have grabbed my attention first but I have no doubt I’ll love this and I can’t wait to get around to reading The Vanishing Half this year.

The Couple At No. 9 by Claire Douglas

Claire Douglas is one of my favourite Thriller writers. I just adore everything she writes, her twists are outstanding, her endings are something else. So I picked this up quicker than you can say Happy New Year when I saw it in the shop. I can’t wait to see what Claire has come up with in The Couple at No. 9. Here are my reviews of Last Seen Alive and The Sisters.

Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo

I mention this book in like, all my bookish posts saying I can’t wait to read it but I STILL haven’t picked it up yet and honestly, I think I’m a little intimidated by it. I’ve heard some great things. I’ve heard many things actually. But it seems like a daunting read. Idk, maybe that’s just me. Girl, Woman Other WILL be read this year, though!

This Lie Will Kill You by Chelsea Pitcher

This Lie Will Kill You instantly grabbed my attention when I read what it was about. Similarly to One of Us is Lying, those sort of YA Thriller type books really appeal to me so I have no doubt I’ll enjoy this one! It sounds like it would make a really good film or TV series as well.

You’ll Be the Death of Me by Karen M. McManus 

I really enjoyed Karen’s One of Us Is Lying and it featured on my best books of 2020 post. You’ll Be the Death of Me sounds just as good. I didn’t read the follow ups to OOUIL but as this is a brand new storyline with new characters with no relation to those books then I’ll jump straight into this one and perhaps re-read OOUIL later down the line.

The Burning Girls by C.J Tudor

And finally, The Burning Girls by C.J Tudor. My mum and I are huge fans of C.J Tudor’s work, I’ve read everything else from her but not this one yet. I did buy this for my Mum for an occasion last year so it has been hers for a number of months but now she’s finished it, I’d love to get around to it soon!

Of course it’s likely I’ll read more books than just these 9 throughout 2022 but these are the 8 that are sitting on my bookshelf, waiting to be read! I actually only managed to read 3 books in my 2021 Bookshelf TBR post, so hopefully I can do a little better this year!

Let’s talk books! Have you read any of these? What did you think? What books are you hoping to read this year?

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  1. I hope you enjoy these! I’ve read three and enjoyed them.
    I loved Unnatural Causes, it was absolutely fascinating. And The Lemon Tree Cafe is perfect for a sunny day, I think I lay on a blanket in the garden reading it (or if I wasn’t I wanted to be).
    I recently posted my TBR for Pondathon II (a year long readathon) and my aim with it is to read more diversely, especially when it comes to romance. I think I’m most excited to finish The Brown Sisters series by Talia Hibbert, the first one got me right in the feels and I felt truly seen.
    Cora |

  2. I’ve just finished You’ll Be The Death of Me – very fun! I’ve been meaning to read Station Eleven for so long too so maybe I’ll also finally get to it this year!

  3. I have The Couple at No9 on my TBR! I really like the sound of This Lie Will Kill You I love a thriller! I’ve recently finished Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney, definitely recommend!

  4. The Vanishing Half is such a good book! Do get to it this year. I’m also hoping to read Girl, Woman, Other now that I finally have a copy of it. Other than that, I have a few fantasy books I want to read since I’ve not been great at reading fantasy lately.

  5. I love how you take a relaxed approach to reading! Forcing yourself to read when you’re not in the mood or not enjoying the book awful! I always let myself give up with a book if I’m not enjoying it.

    Corinne x

  6. The Lemon Tree Café is like a refreshing glass of lemonade and cozy hot chocolate all at once. It invites you in and doesn’t let you leave. Amazing characters, pacy, twisty plot and the central love story is deliciously, teeth-grindingly

  7. I’ve only read Girl Woman Other but it is one I had to read via audiobook as I could not click with the style/format of the physical text at all.

  8. I’ve read the first chapter of Girl, Woman, Other and it was so good so that’s definitely one I want to finish this year! I totally feel you about books that have been very hyped up – I always worry I won’t like it as much 🙈 Love the sound of The Lemon Tree Cafe too x

  9. The Couple at No. 9 looks fantastic! I’m a huge fan of thrillers, so this one is right up my alley. Girl, Woman, Other also looks interesting – I’ve added both to my TBR list on Goodreads! Thanks for sharing

  10. Oh so many great books! I have Girl, woman other on my reading list too and heard so many great things about it I can’t wait to read it! Also You’ll be the death of me and The vanishing half are going straight into my list! x

  11. You’ve shared some great books, I’m always looking for something to read so this post will come in handy! I love the sound of ‘Unnatural Causes’, that’s my kinda book. Thank you so much for sharing lovely Xo

    Elle –

  12. Girl, woman, other is really interesting. I loved the different perspectives and the range of ages and women, I hope you enjoy it.
    I also still need to read the vanishing half

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