ad collaborative post | “Minimalism is not about having less. It’s about making room for more of what matters.” – Joshua Becker. Shopping for a gift for someone who lives with the ideology of “minimalism” is daunting. The thoughts that come to your mind while searching for an ideal gift for them might be; “What if it is “too much?”, “Is it a consumable gift?” or “Is grand packaging a good idea?”

Even if the item is something you desire to give them, having the thoughts mentioned above can surely spoil the mood. But, don’t worry! Even if a person follows a minimalist lifestyle, receiving gifts from their loved ones holds an emotional value for them. Read on to discover some thoughtful gift ideas that are consumable and perfect for the minimalists in your life.

Acrylic Calendar Board

If your friend likes to stay well organized and schedule everything, an acrylic calendar board will make an ideal present. It will help them plan out their day or week without wasting paper or sticky notes. That means less clutter and wastage. The calendar will also help improve the home or office space, adding an aesthetic appeal.

A Cute Pendant Necklace

Giving jewelry to a person who believes in “wanting nothing” is tricky. However, if the jewelry piece is small such as a pendant or earrings, they are likely to accept it. Bear in mind that they do not believe in luxury or showing off. Instead, it’s the thought that counts. So, look for a diamond jewelry store that provides personalized service. It will allow you to design a jewelry piece your friend or partner will surely love.

Bedside Smartphone Vase

Multipurpose things always fascinate those who have a minimalist lifestyle. Recently vases with special space to hold smartphones and other gadgets are getting popular on the internet. Not only do these vases look beautiful, but they also help keep the bedside clean and organized. Some vases also have to charge features which makes them worth the investment.

Tip: If your family or friend is lazy and can not take care of the flowers, consider giving them plants that need minimum care, such as aloe, cactus, lavender, and more.

Book Set

As mentioned above, while looking for gift options, you might wonder about the item’s “ consumability.” In that case, you can give them a set of books from their favorite author. The chances of them liking books that create awareness about sustainability and eco-friendly living, so you can get some of those as well. Believe it or not, this simple gesture will surely impress them.

Tote Bag

Last but not least, you can give them a tote bag. They are eco-friendly, useful, and in trend. Your friend can use the bag to store or organize items or when going out. It will also help upgrade their fashion game.

Wrapping It All Up

These are some minimalist gifts that you can give to your family members, friends, or colleagues. These items are useful and help create a beautiful memory that the receiver will cherish. In fact, you should consider pampering your own self with these valuable presents.


  1. This is an interesting topic to cover. It is not easy knowing what to buy someone who is trying to downsize. I believe that Marie Kondo’s book, “A Journal: Life changing Magic, Spark Joy Every Day”, would be a nice gift. I think she is also starting a line of small photo books…again, small albums that ‘spark joy’.

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