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There are many ways to strengthen your skin. Some options, such as non-ablative laser treatment, seek to make it healthier over time. However, such options do not always give you the immediate results you may desire. Surface procedures for skin damage correction can be more satisfying due to the nature of each treatment. Known commonly as “skin resurfacing” options, they all seek to give you the results you want quickly and easily.

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What Skin Resurfacing Treatments Are and What They Do

One thing you need to know about skin resurfacing is it may not be what you think. You may have heard skin resurfacing procedures called peels. However, they do not peel all your skin away. Instead, they simply focus on getting rid of elements on or near the surface that you do not want or need. Those could include excess build up of dead skin cells, as well as old make-up, dirt, or any other foreign bodies that have collected there. When such elements are removed, pores are protected from clogs. That means you are limiting chances of such issues as acne outbreaks.

Skin peels can also sometimes target visible surface blemishes. By stripping away certain cells in a methodical way, they eliminate or reduce areas of excessive pigment, reduce the appearance or raised scars, and can also target various types of marks on your skin. You just have to examine some before you pick which type to have. After all, they are all different, so they have unique benefits, as well as possible detriments.

Laser Skin Peels Reveal Healthy Skin

You might already have perfectly healthy skin. However, it might be covered in materials that have accumulated on its surface. Airborne pollutants, residue from make-up or other applied products, and even skin cells that are already dead can cause minor skin damage that appears worse than it is. Simply removing the irritants could remove the problem. Laser skin peels use light and heat to remove all of those potentially harmful materials. Then the healthy skin just below the surface can become the surface skin that you see when you look in the mirror.

Microdermabrasion as Compared to Laser Skin Peels

Microdermabrasion is another skin resurfacing procedure. It performs a function like a laser peel, but it uses a completely different device. The hand-held tool does not rely on light and heat. Rather, it uses tiny crystals or particles propelled at high speed. The particles help “sand” the surface of your skin, smoothing it out as you would when sanding a piece of furniture in your home. That exfoliating action also allows healthy cells to thrive.

Chemical Peels Offer Yet Another Option

Chemical peels are also in the skin resurfacing family. They perform in yet another way. That is, they use carefully concocted mixtures of skin-safe chemicals to remove the same damaging materials other peels remove. Chemical peels can also be adapted so you can get only topical treatment or deeper skin cleansing action. However, the deeper a chemical peel is, the more recovery time may be required.

How Do You Make the Choice?

In some cases, which skin resurfacing procedure to choose is a decision that is made for you. Your clinician might determine your skin would benefit most from a specific procedure. Conversely, he or she might decide a certain procedure is absolutely wrong for you. If more than one procedure is deemed acceptable by your clinician, make the decision using other information. For example, you can consider price, expected recovery time if any, possible side effects, or even personal preference. For instance, if you do not want chemicals applied to your skin, you might prefer microdermabrasion, a laser peel, or another procedure.


  1. Thanks for writing this post. I may consider one of these treatments but in the past i’ve been hesitant as i’ve read they can thin the skin in time if you have them too often??

  2. I love that there are ways to fix some skin issues through various treatments. I still haven’t tried microdermabrasion before. I need to try this some day. Thanks for sharing the knowledge on all of these options!

    Nancy ♥

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