It’s been a long-ass time since I did a Q&A on my blog. I think it was this one, waaaay back last year. Whilst I love doing those chill and chatty Q&A’s, I didn’t just want to do another one about me. Let’s face it, you know about me by now. You know I love Yoga. I have a dog. That I think Disney is the best thing ever. Yadda yadda.

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So instead I wanted to do a Q&A which might help my readers at the same time. So off I popped onto Twitter to ask if anyone had any blogging specific questions they’d like some quick fire answers to in a blog post.

And that’s what you’re getting.

Please do check out the links provided within the questions for a more detailed answer on anything that I’ve mentioned.

How to keep creative with your blog?

You’re in luck! I actually wrote a WHOLE blog post about this on my blog last month, so check out that post here for a much more detailed answer. But in short, think outside the box, do things in your day to day that inspire you, consume inspirational and creative content from others (but don’t copy it) and don’t be afraid to try something new.

How to enjoy promoting your blog on social media?

You can’t. Sorry. I find promoting my blog on social media hands down the most boring aspect of blogging. I hate it. But it’s CRUCIAL for your growth and engagement. So it’s just one of them things I’m afraid. You’ve just gotta suck it up. I guess one way to enjoy it more is to ask questions and get a response from your followers, so you can start a conversation.

Also, keeping on top of it. Organization is a big theme in my answers here because I find being organized basically makes EVERYTHING better and easier. So although it might not make you ENJOY IT more necessarily, it will make it less stressful. If you schedule things in advance and keep track of what you’ve scheduled.

What are some eye catching ways to set out your posts?

I don’t know about eye-catching but there’s definitely some important things to consider when structuring your blog posts. You can find a more detailed post on that here but what you definitely want to avoid is too much text in one great big chunk. It’s totally overwhelming to read and more often than not, people won’t bother. Think headings, paragraphs galore and imagery.

Speaking of which, images are a super easy way to add something eye-catching to your posts. Humans respond to visuals. If taking photos isn’t your idea of fun, consider stock images instead.

How can you keep motivated to write enough posts a month / year?

Firstly, you need to establish how much content you want to put out each month / year and figure out a schedule for your blog. Not everyone strictly NEEDS a schedule but if you’re adamant on posting 5 times a week but not sure you’re going to be motivated enough due to other commitments, kids, jobs, a social life, then it’s not going to work.

But that’s okay – nobody is judging. Blogging is hard to juggle with everything else going on in life too. You also need to be 100% passionate and inspired by the topics you write about. If you’re not, the motivation isn’t going to be there. Establish your schedule. Establish your passions. And the motivation should always be there.

And if it’s not, give yourself a break. Your blog will be there waiting for you when you get back.

Do you schedule older articles to post across your social media or concentrate on new content?

I can’t speak for everyone but me personally, if I had a new post up THAT DAY then I’ll stick to promoting that post, especially on Twitter. If I don’t have a new post live that day, then I’ll schedule new and old content across my platforms. Don’t forget, your new followers might not have seen some of your older posts!

A good rule of thumb is: new post, old post, popular post.

How to break bad habits and stay on track?

Yikes, I think it depends what those bad habits are. In regards to blogging and business, bad habits probably come under procrastinating or not being organized – something along those lines. Which can be hard to break. But I think organization is key and staying organized can really help keep you on track.

Other good ways to keep yourself on track is by acknowledging your achievements, keeping track of things and writing things down.

Photo by My Life Journal on Unsplash

What would you say is your ratio of collaborations achieved through pitching and collaborations that approached you first?

For me personally, I’d say it’s about 50/50. Although if you want help on pitching, then Kirsty Leanne’s eBook is what you need. She’s the QUEEN of pitching. I’m very active in seeking out opportunities for myself. You can find a more detailed post on that here but every day, I’m searching Twitter hash tags, Facebook groups and various websites for things to apply for and express my interest in.

So although I do get contacted directly from some brands and PR’s out of the blue, a lot of my emails from brands and PR’s come from things I’ve applied for.

How do you think of different things to blog about?

It depends what your blog is about in the first place. Whether you have a niche or not and if you do, how you can expand within that niche. For example, if you have a beauty blog, you can definitely branch out into Vegan beauty, high end beauty, affordable beauty etc. You don’t have to limit yourself in one box.

I also think just staying inspired helps massively with coming up with blog post ideas. Use Pinterest, read other people’s content and definitely write down any ideas you have. Even if they seem really silly at the time – because you might be able to use them in some way!

How can you grow your blog quickly?

I think the important thing to remember here that quick blog growth isn’t the most important thing. Growing a engaged, authentic and loyal follower base is much more important. Who would want 1,000 followers that never engaged with you, when you could have 100 that commented on everything you posted?

But the thing that rocketed the growth for me is consistency. And just really putting ALL my effort into my blog. Because effort and passion really do show. I started blogging consistently every week. I made more of an effort with the imagery in my blog posts. I engaged more on social media. And started focusing on SEO.

If you have any other questions, please do leave them in the comments below! I hope you found this post helpful! Pin this post for later:


  1. love all the questions! It’s funny how sometimes content just comes to you though – I find it so useful lol

  2. Haaa, I love and appreciate your honesty about enjoying social media promotion. You’re so right, there are some parts of blogging that just aren’t that fun, but keeping on top of them is key. As always, you have shared so much useful and inspiring content here. You really deserve awards for this stuff! xx

  3. Interesting read. I just don’t have the time to grow my blog as I work every day and have kids to feed etc. I blog when I can but would like to post more frequently. This is where I need to become more organised with my time in the evenings.

  4. These are some great questions and answers. I will definitely check out the ebook about pitching to brands. A lot of my recent AD content is from me pitching. For the upcoming stationery week in April, I have pitched them all! Promoting is boring, but it’s what gets the blog traffic. Thank you for sharing these questions! Xxx

  5. I really appreciate the honesty in the second question. No one enjoys scheduling tweets, no one. I refuse to accept any alternative answer. Which has just reminded me that I’ve been doing terribly at it lately. I agree with the old, new, popular system too – I try to do that and it usually works well for me x


  6. This is a really helpful and inspirational post, thank you for sharing Jenny! You definitely are the one I look to for organisation and blogging tips. I need to get back into checking those Twitter hashtags regularly too as it’s been a while and there are normally great opportunities on there! Thanks for the reminder – fab post! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

  7. Reading this was like a delightful burst of inspiration, I loved it. Quick answers to stuff you know I’m always curious about. I hope there are more like these to come!

  8. I always enjoy reading your blogging tips and advice – as a full-time blogger, you definitely know what you’re talking about! I always forget to promote my older and popular posts, so it’s something I need to work on in the future – thanks for the suggestion! x

  9. I love q&as and this one definitely had information which I needed. I hate promoting my blog but like you said it’s one of them things that just has to be done. I was thinking about growth the other day (in particular IG) and realised I’d rather have 3k followers that engage and like my page rather than 10k who just scroll past!

  10. I love the blogging tips and advice you’ve shared, it’s actually helpful. Organisation is what I need to focus on more, but other commitments get in the way at times. I also like your promotion schedule/rule of thumb. Thank you for sharing dear!

    Tx. // Tajinder Kaur

  11. Thanks for setting out all of these pointers as it certainly is a struggle staying organised and juggling the different tasks required. I agree that it is better to be realistic in terms of how much content you could typically produce each month as it will no longer seem enjoyable if it becomes too overwhelming!

  12. I always learn so much from these posts and they always motivate me to be more organised – I struggle with the promotion side of blogging for sure but it’s such a vital part of it all so I’m thinking of scheduling my tweets so it’s not as much effort maybe. Your order of new, old and popular seems like a great one to follow so perhaps I’ll use that! Thank you so much for sharing xx

  13. I love how well-answered all the questions are! I think many bloggers usually have the same kinds of questions, so posts like these definitely help.

  14. This is such good advice, and what a great range of questions! I totally agree with social media but I’ve found that scheduling the promotional stuff in one go has helped me enjoy it more as then I can focus on the content that I find more interesting – asking questions, sharing little bits of my day, and interacting properly with others.

  15. How can you keep motivated to write enough posts a month / year?
    I am very much impressed of Jenny, how she posts so many articles. I am a busy software
    developer and I am a blogger too. Blogging is my hobby, but I get too less time to focus on blogging.
    Getting engaged with your followers is what a good idea. The method of posting old post and popular post apart from new post to social media is really impressive.
    Thanks Jenny for such a good info

  16. I love a good Q&A! You’re doing so incredibly well with your blog, I’m so proud as a follower of yours for a few years now and you’re so motivating too.

    I’ve got a stock of ideas drafted on my blog but the content hasn’t been written yet. I think just coming up with a title is half the work so that’s something that’s really helped me.

    I’ve never used stock photos or see myself doing that either but this weekend I’ve found it so difficult to take photos I’m proud of, which has been enormously frustrating!

    Thanks for always sharing such great advice and positivity.

    Kate | x

    1. Ahh what a lovely thing to say, thank you so much! I have a whole blog post around titles coming soon which hopefully you’ll find helpful! Stock photos are great for times like that tbh, even if you pay for them as they’ll be the ones that aren’t used often! x

  17. Honestly, Jenny, you are the QUEEN of blogging tips and advice, you are so helpful. I’ve recently felt in a bit of rut with my blog but reading some tweets at the end of last week has given me a load of ideas for new posts (whether or not any of them get written is another matter but hey ho…). I love your suggestion of “new post, old post, popular post” for promotions, I’ll try and remember that. Fab post, as always, thank you! xxx

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