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How To Get Blogging Opportunities Regularly

A bit of a PSA before we get going: I’m not claiming that my inbox is jam packed full of opportunities every single day. There are of course times where my blogging inbox is a bit dead and work is slow. Which is the case for a lot of bloggers. But I am at a stage where I rarely go a couple of days without agreeing to some sort of blogging work. Now that’s out of the way, let’s jump in to actually how to get blogging opportunities regularly.

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How To Get Blogging Opportunities Regularly

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Working with brands is one of my favourite parts of blogging. As my blogging career has grown, transformed and evolved into what it is today, working with brands is not only one of my favourite aspects of blogging – but also one of the most important elements of it too.

And lots of people end up blogging with the hope and dream of working with brands. And I think that’s amazing. Blogging has become such a recognized industry over the last few years. With so many mutual benefits for both the bloggers and the brands involved.

But exactly HOW to get blogging opportunities is a question I see a lot. 

Blogging Opportunities

And I get it. A few years ago, I really had no idea where to look or what to do to put myself out there to gain and attract more blogging opportunities. I got the odd email directly, which felt great. But if blogging is a source of income for you, you absolutely can’t rely on brands finding you all the time.

You HAVE to put yourself out there and seek out opportunities instead of waiting for them to slap you in the face.

I’ve wrote a post in the past about how and where to find blogging opportunities which is useful if you’re looking for specific places, networks, websites etc in order to find blogging opportunities. But today, I’m going to be focusing more on how to maintain the momentum when it comes to blogging opportunities and brand collaborations.

Hustle hard baby, here’s all the strategies I use for how to get blogging opportunities regularly:

How To Get Blogging Opportunities Regularly

Firstly, be professional and build up a rapport with brands and PR’s

Nobody wants to work with someone who’s always mouthing off on Twitter and causing drama. So if that’s you, I’d recommend dialing it down a notch. It pays to be nice – literally. Seriously though, building up a professional relationship with brands and PR’s can help massively. They’ll be more likely to come back to you of their own accord.

Ensure your sponsored content is always your highest quality work

And for them to WANT to come back to you for repeat work, you also need to make your sponsored content the highest quality possible. Which is a bit of a Captain Obvious thing to say but truly, it needs to be said.

I’ve seen a lot of content which is SO VERY OBVIOUSLY sponsored before I was even aware it was sponsored (which should NEVER be the case as all sponsored content needs to be clearly labelled BEFORE the reader starts reading – check out this PDF for more info) because it seems half-arsed and not like the bloggers regular content.

Keep track of PR’s you’ve successfully worked with on blogging opportunities in the past

Back in July of this year, I created a spreadsheet of all the PR’s I’ve worked with over the year so far on successful campaigns, including their emails. I gradually emailed them one by one, asking if they would consider me for any suitable upcoming campaigns they might have…

And I had one of the best paid months I’ve had in a while! And contacting those PR’s directly no doubt played a huge part in that. Of course some of them had since left their companies. Or didn’t have any sponsored opportunities at that time, which is fine. But a lot of them did. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Pitch to brands yourself

I guess you can say me emailing those PR’s directly was *sort of* pitching. But I already had a professional relationship with a lot of them and have worked with them in the past. But ACTUALLY pitching content ideas to brands you love is another amazing way to regularly get blogging opportunities if you’re pitching right.

I’d recommend Kirsty Leanne’s eBook Be Pitch Perfect: A Guide on Pitching Products, Payment and Press Trips as a great place to start if you’re new to pitching. It can definitely be a daunting prospect but this eBook really breaks it down gentle and simply for you!

Check regularly for blogging opportunities

As in… every day. Multiple times a day, if you can. In this blog post which I mentioned earlier, I state plenty of places you can look for blogging opportunities, including Twitter, Facebook and websites such as Get Blogged. And these places get updated ALL THE TIME. So make sure you’re checking them ALL THE TIME too.

Because often, PR’s get so many responses to blogger requests and they obviously can’t work with everyone. So dropping your details in 5 days after the tweet was posted when there’s a chance the opportunity has already been filled is no good to anyone.

Consistently work on your blog

And while you’re hustling away, make sure you’re still working on your blog too. It’s all those little things that often take time (and you’re not paid for!) which make the difference. Such as updating your media kit, checking for broken links, working on your DA, updating your theme and much more!

If you’re not putting yourself out there and wondering why you don’t get many brand collabs – you may have just answered your own question! Try putting these techniques in place and see how many more opportunities you get over the course of a month!

Blogging Opportunities



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