ad collaborative post // Building a thriving church takes a lot of work because you have to make the followers stick. Everything boils down to cultivating a positive discipleship environment that serves as the foundation of your church’s culture. Leaders need to go the extra mile to shape the culture and break the ground for a new foundation.

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As a leader, you will have to think outside the box to create the right environment for your disciples. While there are no shortcuts for winning the faith and trust of people, here are some tips to take the initiative in the right direction.

Let your group know you are there

Great leaders are always available and accessible to their followers. You must let your discipleship group know you are always there for them, no matter how busy you are. Moreover, they should feel comfortable approaching you whenever and whichever issues arise. It is not only about being physically available to hear them out.

You must build trust and a comfort level with people so that they have no hesitation about coming to you with their problems. Visualize yourself as a servant leader willing to help even when times are challenging.

Step out of your comfort zone

Besides making disciples comfortable, you must step out of your comfort zone and do the inconvenient thing. Making disciples is not easy, and you cannot expect to do it quickly. You will have to invest time and be vulnerable with others. Enrolling in a discipleship training program is a good idea as it shows you the right direction.

You can use the learning to give your best to the goal of helping others and generating faith in them. Set aside dedicated time to invest in discussions and meetings with your group. Have patience because you may not have a massive following right away. Be ready to build and consolidate over time because the process is often slow and painful.

Communicate your vision clearly

Creating a discipleship group requires a clear vision and good communication. Your group must know where you are leading them to stay for the long haul. Defining your long-term vision and conveying it to your followers is crucial. After all, you cannot expect them to follow you blindly.

At times, you may feel fear holding you back from sharing big ideas. But having the courage to do it makes you a successful leader. You can move a step further by seeking ideas from the group for active involvement. It engages people and builds trust within the group as they feel valued. Prioritize teamwork instead of leadership to cultivate a positive environment in your group.

Discipleship is not easy work as it takes a lot to make followers believe you and stay with you for the long haul. But a genuine effort to cultivate the right environment within your group can help you on both fronts. Follow these steps to build an environment of trust, transparency, and positivity as these factors make people stick and even spread the word

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