collaborative post // Being tasked with planning a stag do isn’t an easy task but it’s definitely a privilege and very rewarding. To help you out, we have put together a few important steps that you should take and consider in order to make the stag do a trip to remember.

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Decide on a location

Get together as a group and decide what would be the best location to go for the stag do. Consider what types of activities the groom enjoys, and go from there. It is important to consider what budget you have for the trip, as this will impact on the type of location you can afford, and will help to filter your search.

Many stag dos tend to opt for one final beach and beer-filled party- think the likes of Spain if these sounds like something the groom would enjoy.

Have a look at what activities are available at your chosen location

The next step is to decide what you’re going to do after you’re certain that the timing and place are appropriate. While it’s still common to find the closest bar and drink till you can’t drink any more, combining it with a daytime activity is becoming more and more popular.

Think paintballing, bowling or even make up your own game – a bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone! Make sure to pre book anything that you would like to do, as a stag do tends to be a fair number of people and it can be difficult to arrange last minute.

Choose accommodation

You only get one stag do – why not go all out? Choose an accommodation that is big enough for all of you, such as a villa so that you can all be together. If opting for a hotel, ensure you have selected one that accepts groups and isn’t bothered by a bit of noise and rowdiness – as the last thing you want on your trip is to be kicked out of your hotel!

Make sure you pre book an airport transfer, to save time and money when arriving at your destination, and it will also help the trip run and smoothly as possible from the get go.

It is common for everyone to club together and pay for the stag so remember this when planning and budgeting your trip. Make sure to pack some embarrassing costumes, and get ready for a trip to remember for a lifetime!

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