collaborative post // Summer is here, and it couldn’t come any sooner! Summer holidays beckon for all, and your newfound holiday freedom – coupled with the longer summer days – can only mean one thing: more time with your pet dog! Well, if you’re one of the near-third of UK adults that have a dog, that is.

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Summer presents numerous fun ways you can make the most of man’s best friend – but past your daily walkies, what exactly can you do with your dog for fun?

A Dog-Friendly Hike

The summer staycation is back with a bang, as travel chaos and rising household costs make domestic holidays much more appealing to the average cash-strapped household. This also presents pet-owning households with a golden opportunity to involve their pet in their travel plans. Whether you’re a camping enthusiast or a budding motorhome owner, you can safely bring your dog along for the ride.

Wherever you intend on going, and whether you’re out for the day or staying overnight, you can seek out dog-friendly hiking routes. You and your best friend get to see the best of the British countryside, and your dog gets to stretch their legs in the process. Best walkies ever!


A novel way for you to spend the summer with your favourite furry friend lies in the UK’s various waters – whether lakes, rivers or sea shores… Water sports are a quintessential summer activity already, with surfing, paddleboarding and kayaking all hugely popular ways for friends and family to get adventurous, and perhaps cool off a little in the process. Why not, then, bring your pet dog along for the ride?

While there are numerous pet-friendly excursions and activities you can indulge in on the water, there are also risks inherent to trying them out – as with any other form of sport or activity. Your dog is just as susceptible to accident and injury as you are, and you should be aware of the risks – and their limitations – before you go ahead.

Your dog’s safety should be paramount, so before you set off for a doggy-paddleboarding session, you should make sure there are vets nearby that can see your dog in case of the worst. You should also familiarise yourself with personal injury contacts, in case an accident occurs that isn’t your fault!

Dog Park Playdate

Of course, you don’t need to be a thrill seeker to show your best friend a good time. Sometimes it’s the simplest options that are the best; why not set up a summer playdate at your local park? You could invite other pet owners and their dogs along, so you can all socialise together.

You may also have a dog park local to you, where you could take your dog to meet new friends and play with other dogs. You might also find yourself making new friends in the process. When better to give it a try than a balmy summer afternoon?

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