collaborative post // The world over, more and more people are realizing that they not only deserve to be treated well at work but that they should demand this to be the case. ‘The great resignation’ of young people walking away from underpaid and overworked service jobs, and the heightened likelihood for employees to switch up job positions from place to place in search of a higher salary is key to witness.

However, while it’s important to make your needs known and to ensure you’re being treated in accordance with your contract and essential employment law, it can also be useful to know what to look for when potentially taking on a job offer. Sure, a nice salary or wage may convince you to give a place a try, as might a pedigree name. But the lived reality of your experience in that career means being able to feel connected to the team, and treated as if your presence has worth.

So – let’s consider three great signs to keep in mind when job hunting, signs that a company really does try to look after its employees.

Great Ratings Online

Online ratings and reviews may seem like a bad way to structure your own career – after all it’s your opinion that counts most of all, and you don’t want a disgruntled former employee to prevent you from taking on an opportunity you previously thought looked inspiring. But with sites like GlassDoor and other review agencies, you can accumulate a general idea of how past employees consider the company.

If the reviews are mostly positive but half of them mention the need to improve poor management, then you know what to look out for. Otherwise, those who have written glowing reviews and may mention the opportunities or training chances can help you see a company that puts its employees first.

Worthwhile Staff Provisions & Appliances

A lovely staff kitchen, an incredibly clean set of restrooms, pristine office surroundings, a well-formatted reception area, and especially employee-first installations like electronic parcel lockers can be a fantastic place to start, and really does showcase that management knows how important autonomy is in providing a comfortable and supportive workplace environment.

Don’t feel bad about being impressed by such seemingly basic necessities – because if they get these details right, there’s a chance the company cares about the macro-approach too.

Community Spirit

Not all companies need overwhelming community spirit and you don’t have to have dozens of friends at work in order to appreciate your professional time.

But it can be a bonus, and you may identify this via event recaps posted on their website, a meet the team page, photographs lining staff displays of recent events and fun expeditions, as well as a team environment that seems to prioritize working together and even permitting socializing during work hours via a dedicated lunch area. 

Community spirit isn’t essential, but it can certainly add a sense of worth to everything you do.

With this advice, you’re sure to identify a worthwhile workplace by how that company looks after its employees.

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