Since being a blogger and especially since being active on social media, I’ve discovered so many small businesses that I never would have found before. I love that the internet and social media has opened up such incredible business opportunities, especially for creatives and enabled them to pursue doing what they love and even opening up self-employment as a viable option. As well as being a blogger, I used to be a small online business owner and although I wasn’t selling “things” (like artwork for example) but services, I know first hand how difficult having a business online can be and the struggles you can face which eventually, all got too big for me which is why I had to sadly shut it down. But that experience has made me admire small business owners possibly even more than I did before and I was always advocate for supporting them! 

Buy from them

Starting with the most obvious one but buy something from them, if you have some spare change at the end of the month! Small businesses don’t tend to charge a lot for their products (which is another argument for another day because there’s plenty who could certainly be charging more) so a small purchase could go a long way!

I’ve previously purchased this Darth Vader print from ATinyMew and three prints from KellyLianneArt, who are both extremely talented artists!

Recommend them to family or friends

A quick recommendation here and there could go a long way too. If you hear someone pondering something to buy and have a great alternate recommendation from a small business you like, mention it!

Blog about them

I’m totally still in the business of blogging about products that I just like and not just the ones I’ve been sent for “free” (although it’s never really “free” but you get what I mean). I think it’s so important to use your platform to scream about items, products, artists and businesses that you love! And it’ll totally make their day, too.

Two posts I really enjoyed writing about products I thought were bomb was Blooming Brilliant Biscuits With Bloom Bakers (I won some of these biscuits and loved them so much I had to write about them!) and The Perfect Present for the Pet Lover in Your Life.

Blog for them

A lot of small start up businesses, especially ones owned by bloggers or people active on social media realise the impact that bloggers can have and will often ask bloggers to review their products or feature them on their social platforms. Sometimes they’ll reach out to you of their own choosing or sometimes will send a general tweet asking if anyone is interested. I’ve reviewed products from start up businesses in both of these ways and it’s always greatly appreciated by the brand.

I was recently sent this gorgeous Rosewood Bracelet * from Lily Charm (who you can find on Twitter here). I had it personalised with the word “believe” because I think it’s a nice reminder around my wrist to believe in myself. I love the simplicity of this bracelet and it’s something I’ve been wearing regularly – and I don’t tend to stray from the jewelry that I wear daily! It’s really comfortable on, comes in a range of designs and is so affordable! These would make lovely gifts and in fact, my Mum has already pointed out how much she loves mine so she may be getting one herself for her birthday in September.

A simple retweet

I think all small business owners understand that sometimes, money is an issue and we simply cannot afford anything extra after the bills and the groceries have been paid for. But just a simple retweet on Twitter can really help, as it shares their products with a whole new set of followers. One of which may be looking for exactly what they’re offering!

A social media shout out

Same as above, sometimes purchases are feasible but a little social media shout out can make a difference. With all the platforms we have today; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, there’s so many audiences waiting to see it!

Do you have anything to add to this post? How do you support your favourite small businesses? Do you have any to recommend? Let me know!

* Products marked with a (*) were sent to me


  1. I’ve just started a series on my blog about small businesses because I honestly love shopping with them! I can’t imagine how much time and effort goes into running them, so a retweet or a recommendation is the least we can do!
    Beth x

  2. Love this. Since setting up my Disney Instagram page I have come across so many small businesses, creating beautiful Disney themed products that I love. I knew they were out there & would sometimes come across some of them on my personal IG page, but I have found so many that I just love now & can’t wait to buy a few bits for my holiday next year 🙂

  3. I definitely retweet where I can and have blogged about them of my own accord when I have purchased from a small business and have been impressed.

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