I love entering a giveaway or 3 hundred two and I love it even more when I win one! Who doesn’t? I also… love food. So you can imagine my delight when my first giveaway win of 2017 was food can’t you? All in all, 2017 has got off to an alrightttt start. Now I wasn’t asked to write a post or review these products; it is a product review, yes, but of my own accord because I loved them so, so much. 


I entered the giveaway on Twitter to win 3 packets of biscuits from Bloom Bakers. Here’s a little bit about the company (from Bloom Bakers themselves);

“Bloom Bakers was founded in January 2016 by two friends who missed the flavours from their homes. Saskia, originally from The Netherlands, and Lisa, originally from Germany, met at their day job and shared a passion for baking. In December 2015 they decided to start their small batch home bakery Bloom Bakers. Since then the duo are mums/digital marketeers by day and bakers by night from their Leeds homes. They sell their Germanic sweet treats at:

  •  local farmers markets
  • online
  • and create personalised biscuits for any occasion by order for private and corporate clients.


I’ll hold my hands up and say I hadn’t heard of Bloom Bakers before I entered this giveaway. I entered by chance, after seeing another one of my followers enter it as well so I definitely didn’t expect to win, for starters. The ladies at Bloom Bakers are so lovely and kept me posted on when they were posting the prize and it arrived within a day. I won 3 packets of different biscuits (pictured above) and I just wanted to talk about them and take photos because they were packaged so lovely.


The first ones I tried were the Spiced Button Biscuits, which are so cute and you get loads of them. I’m not usually a fan of gingerbread or cinnamon and sweet things that have a “spicy” taste to them (you know what I mean) but these were really lovely and subtle and buttery so the spice isn’t overwhelming if, like me, you’re a bit apprehensive towards it. My boyfriend is completely the same and doesn’t like ginger either but he loved these.


The next ones I tried were the Jam Sandwich Biscuits which look a bit like jam drops or Jammy Dodgers (it took me about 20 minutes to remember the name for those). These are so pretty and buttery and the jam inside is just delicious. It tastes like proper fruit and jam not an artificial sugary dollop. 10 outta 10 for the jam sarnie biscuits.


These ones I saved until last, both in writing about and in eating because 1) they were my favourites and 2) I’d never tried one before and was intrigued. These were the Soft Florentines and truth be told, I had no idea what a Florentine was. These are made from almonds, dark chocolate, glacier cherries and were so rich you definitely couldn’t eat loads in one sitting but 1 or 2 were enough. I was so impressed with these I just shoved them under everyone who walked into the house’s nose demanding they try one!

I would so recommend Bloom Bakers and as a fellow small business owner, I’d urge you all to check them out, follow them on Twitter or Instagram and send them lots of love and support.

My question of the day for you is: What’s your all-time favourite biscuit?


  1. The jam sandwich biscuits look like shrewsberry biscuits here in nz. They are super delicious, and now at 10pm I’m craving them after reading this. hahaa. The all look so scrumptious!! Great pictures too!

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