collaborative post // If you work from home, then there is a very good chance that you don’t want to spend more time than is necessary at your home office desk. However, it does require a little maintenance and, in particular, some cleaning to ensure that you’re not working in an environment that is slowly becoming less hygienic and friendly to work in. Here are some of the tasks you should make sure you stay on top of.


The first thing that you should do is make sure that you don’t have an overly cluttered office desktop getting in the way. Use desk organisers and know when to throw unused items in the trash to keep things clean and clear. Clutter can be distracting, first and foremost, but it can also attract dust and track debris on the desk much more, meaning it requires a more frequent clean.


So long as you’re keeping things free of clutter, dust is going to be one of the most prevalent issues in your dust. It can definitely seem like you’re cleaning away dust even though you had already completely cleaned it out mere days ago. So, aside from regularly dusting using microfiber cloths (which are more effective at picking every speck), you should make sure that you’re cleaning any fabrics in the office, such as carpets, blinds, and curtains, which tend to trap and release dust.

Cable management

It might not technically count as being overly dirty, but effective cable management is an important part of keeping a tidy office. If your cables are neatly tied together, then they’re not going to trap as much dust as they would if they were all sprawling out on the floor beneath the desk. What’s more, untidy cables can make it harder to reach parts of the floor with your vacuum or broom.

Your chair

Given that you sit on it every day, you had better believe that your office chair needs a clean now and then. Sweat, dead skin, and the various other dirt that accumulate from day-to-day life will transfer from you to your chair. As such, you need a clear strategy for cleaning your office chair. Vacuuming it, cleaning it down with a microfibre cloth and a material-appropriate detergent, and using any conditioners it needs if you’re cleaning materials such as leather at least once a week should keep it fresh and in good condition.

Airing it out

The home office can get pretty stuffy if you’re in there working all day. This is especially true if it’s a smaller space. As such, ensuring good airflow should be a priority. This might just mean turning on the ceiling fan and opening the window for a few hours a day but adding things like a dehumidifier to fight back the risk of dampness and mould can be good for your health, too.

Just because you’re the only person using it doesn’t mean you should let your standards for cleanliness fall, regarding your office. Keep the tips above in mind and get cleaning.

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