collaborative post // Have you ever heard people brag about how many followers they have online? It could be an influencer boasting that they have fifty, thousand followers. Now, make no mistake this is impressive, particularly if they are mostly genuine and not bots. However, it’s not as useful as it might seem.

It’s possible that the majority of these followers are stagnant or inactive. Sure, they might have thrown the influencer a follow to keep an eye on what they’re doing. But they may not be invested enough to respond and interact with posts. This weakens the position of that individual. 

If you want to succeed online, then you need an active audience. This is particularly important if you are keen to run your own business or if you’re already out of the starting gates and onto the market. 

Benefits Of An Active Audience

There are many benefits of an active audience. First, they will share and send out your posts and content to other people online. This will extend beyond your list of followers, whether that list is big or small. This expands the reach of your brand or your business and that’s important. Expansion of your brand will often translate into growth for your company and more sales. 

An active audience will also often be more loyal to your brand. They’ll stay with you through thick and thin. This means changes to the market as a whole, changes to your pricing and potential issues with your service. For instance, if you are hacked an active audience may be more likely to voice their disapproval. But there’s also a good chance that they’ll stick with you and give you a second chance. 

The right active audience can even become an agent for your business. They will actively push people to try your service, buy your product or invest in your company. This is another type of loyalty that you need, particularly when you’re just starting out. 

Now, let’s explore some of the ways that you can ensure that your audience is active:

Go Live 

First, you should think about going live. Virtually every social media network now allows for live posting. It’s one of the ways that you can make your brand and your business feel far more immersive overall. It will also allow you to show some skin and ensure that your business is more personal.

This is important for modern customers, particularly those between 18-30. This will often be your key demographic and these people want to know who is behind the business they’re buying from. They want a name, a story, a personality. Live feeds allow you to give them this and more. 

Keep Quality Consistent 

Quality is absolutely vital when you are aiming to build up an active audience. You need to ensure that each piece of content that you create and publish lives up to the stands of your brand and your customers.

If you don’t do this, then you’ll quickly find that your audience disengages, even while they continue to watch your content. Timing is crucial too. You need to use metrics to learn when your followers are going to be online. Do this and it will be easier to get them to respond. 

Use The Right Tools 

It’s important to use the right tools to help your audience, grow, thrive and become more vocal or active. The aim here is going to be creating a community around your brand.

It’s worth noting that you can easily create your own community app which is highly specific to your brand and will become a useful tool for your audience members. This will allow them to interact and engage with each other as well as your brand as a whole. 

Ask For Responses 

Finally, one of the easiest ways to ensure that your audience is active is to encourage them to respond. Ask questions, start discussions. Make every piece of content that you create interactive. A basic example of this would be an influencer. Get commenters to respond about what they think about the style.

Not all the comments will be positive and that’s okay. Even negative comments can be useful. Particularly, if they spur more positive feedback for your brand in your defense. If you ask questions, nine times out of ten, you will get responses. That’s true whether you post a video, an image or you ask questions on a live tool.

We hope this helps you understand some of the steps that you need to think about when you are working to ensure that your audience is more active and responsive to your brand. 

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