collaborative post // Funnily enough, the flooring solution rarely makes it onto your business plan. Yet, not considering your flooring solution when you open your venture can come back to bite you in the proverbial bottom. 

Indeed, the floor is the most commonly understated part of your office. However, it will play a crucial role in everyday operations and processes for many reasons. 

Firstly, let’s consider a typical scenario. A client or a potential employee visits the office. The floor may not be the first thing they’ll notice, but it will affect their entire experience of your venture.

Coffee stains? Fading in some areas? Sticky under the shoes? Dusty in part? Covered in wires? As people walk in your office, they set their eyes on the floor. So creating a positive impression goes beyond the coffee machine and the fancy quotes on the wall. The floor will be part of the big picture. 

#1. Arrange for tailored cleaning service

Cleaning services must meet the expectations of your team and visitors. The last thing your team needs is to feel rushed out of the office because the cleaning lady needs to vacuum the room. Therefore, finding a cleaning team that can work around your real operating times and your requirements can be a game-changer. This will ensure that no area gets overlooked. 

#2. Swap the carpet for washable solutions

The problem with carpeted floors is that they tend to accumulate dust and stains. Both can be tough to remove without the appropriate cleaning gear. Besides, a professional cleaning team can’t provide daily carpet washing services. In the long term, this might lead to increased moisture levels in the office if the carpet fibres have no time to dry. 

So, hard flooring options are a better strategy to reduce stains. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to hard flooring however a cedar lumber floor from is both inexpensive and incredibly durable, as well as being customisable with finishes and easy to clean down. Another benefit from using hard flooring is that office furniture won’t ruin the floor in the same way as it does to carpets – during the hot summer months it won’t be as stifling to be sat in the office too, as the floor will trap less heat but won’t be freezing cold during winter.

#3. Durable and elegant flooring

When it comes to commercial flooring, durability is a priority. Offices have a high footfall, with employees walking from their desks to meeting rooms, restrooms, or even the kitchen. Understandably, quality flooring will prevent the presence of wear and tear signs, ensuring the office can maintain a spotless look and feel. 

#4. A patterned guideline

The days of the grey carpeted tiles are long gone. The flooring solution can play a part in office decor. The flooring pattern can naturally drive visitors to the right destinations, such as making hard-to-find reception desks in shared buildings or main conference rooms in large office spaces more accessible.

Using the floor as an intuitive navigation system can instantly create a clear and positive image for the brand because visitors can navigate smoothly.

#5. Health enhancement settings

From health and safety wiring solutions and cable holding kits to unique floor display technology, the floor can become an integral part of health enhancement in the business. H&S solutions for cables, wiring, and other electronics and electric settings are mandatory, and they will prevent tripping and other incidents.

A floor display can help make your visitors and team feel more welcome. They can use the display to find the right interlocutors, check appointments, book a meeting, or even raise a complaint anonymously. It can reduce stress and tension inside the office. 

How much does your floor do to support your brand? Creating a flooring solution that enhances your business and conveys the right message can help you reach the next level. 

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