collaborative post // Christmas is around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about gifts for friends. If you have many couples in your life nowadays, why not buy a single gift for them both and reduce your spending and wastage? In this article, you can find some excellent gift ideas for couple-friends.  

Luxury Chocolates

Everyone is feeling the pinch this Christmas, and more people are thinking about ways to reduce their gift spending and still maintain festive traditions. Within families and groups of people, Secret Santa works well, and you can buy for couples instead of buying individual gifts. 

If you need a gift idea for a could in your life, why not buy them some luxury chocolates? Everybody loves chocolates, and they are appreciated over the festive season; not only that, chocolates are affordable and can be turned into a more personal gift with notes and cards. 

Coffee Maker

A coffee maker makes a perfect gift for a couple, and it will be appreciated even if the household already has one in the kitchen. When a household receives a second coffee maker, chances are it will find a home in a guest bedroom, a garden room, or a games room in the basement or loft. 

If you decide on a coffee maker for a couple in your life, why not supplement the gift with convection coffee roasting beans for the best cup of coffee money can buy over the festive season? A coffee maker with special beans is a lovely gift to receive from friends at Christmas. 

Experience Gifts

If you are struggling to find a product to buy a special couple, why not think in terms of experiences instead? People value experience gifts because they are an opportunity to connect and create nice memories with loved ones; it also gives them a chance to try something new. 

Experience gifts are very popular nowadays; they range from hot air balloon rides and helicopter rides to spa days and high tea lunches in special locations. Think about your friends and what they might like, but also consider something different for them to try and have an opinion about.   


Homeware makes the perfect gift for a couple that has everything. Homeware includes things like crockery, vases, cooking utensils, picture frames, and other accessories that can find a natural place in the family home. Homeware is practical and is therefore always appreciated. 

What couple won’t be able to use a picture frame to put their couple picture in or a stock pot to cook wholesome food for the family? Instead of buying separate items for individual family members, you can now buy a single home item that your couple-friends can use and enjoy.   

Gift Vouchers

If all else fails, choose a gift voucher for your couple-friends. Gift vouchers might seem like an easy way of avoiding gift-buying, but it allows your friends to buy something they need, meaning they get the best value for money, and you all support sustainability efforts by reducing waste. 


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