ad collaborative post // When it comes to being a busy employer, manager, or leader in your field, your life consists of long days where you long for easy hours on the couch. Those moments are rare when you are the boss. After work, you have mouths to feed, and people to love, and then hopefully, you may find a few minutes to spare for yourself. You can’t get all of that done without organization in your life. 

Today’s busy boss babe is always looking for the next best thing to help her be the most productive woman she can be, while still preserving her sense of Self.

In today’s world, the next best thing can be anything from a new app that you put on your desktop, to a new tool or gadget that sits on your actual desktop. When you want to carve a few minutes out for something in your day or save a few minutes for something else, you’ll need more than a to-do list to do that. 

Start using these five productivity tools for busy boss babes today, and you’ll love the new structure in your life when you do.

A Digital Timer Creates Boundaries

When you are working, it is easy to get carried away with a task and lose track of time. This idea is not exactly an innovation, but putting one on your desk might be. 

Get a digital timer that you can put on your desk for those moments when you know you are going to easily lose track of time. You can get a timer online on Amazon or your favorite housewares store that will fit on your desk at work and will be set to your specifications for the task at hand.

A tool such as this will be handy for those moments in the day when you work too long on a project or need to time your breaks. You can also use it if you work billable hours and want to keep track of your time.

Keep Your Focus With Stay Focusd

This is a Google Chrome extension that you may quickly fall in love with. This is a little bit like the Screen Time feature on the iPhone and iPad but is configured in your Chrome browser. When you set it, it allows you to use the websites that you like the most when you are working, without browsing too long or straying too long on social media.

So if you intended to check Facebook to check on one little thing in between tasks at work, but ended up staying there an hour, the Stay Focusd extension can help you structure that time without going overboard. This is an excellent extension as well if you have employees whose time you want to limit on devices, machines, or their business laptops.

Organize Your Emails When You Have Time Without Wasting Time

The Boomerang is another Google Chrome extension that allows you to monitor and send the emails that you want to send, and keep track of them. You can do this while lying on the couch after work on the commercial breaks of your favorite program, and still get your favorite programs in at night. 

Boomerang will let you save mail for later, and even remind you if you haven’t heard back from someone yet. This you can add to both iOS and Android as well, so that you can do it from your phone on your commute, at home, or in between tasks.

Save Some Time With Rescue Time

It is so easy to lose time in a day, and in this day and age, the workday goes so fast. The RescueTime app is an app that can help you to manage those seconds that slip away. It is so easy to say you need to work late, and hope to be done by 7, while the rest of your life is texting you by 8 or 9, wondering what happened to your day. You won’t even know what happened to it some days, but RescueTime can help.

Here you can add your daily career goals, how long you are available every day, and how much focus time is slotted just for your days. You’ll get notifications about what is distracting you and what is making multitasking more difficult. You’ll even get little coaching tips throughout the day that can help you to get through any wrinkles in your schedule that may come up. When your assistant is too shy to tell you what you should be doing instead of your current task, RescueTime doesn’t hold back. That’s why you’ll love it.

The Password System You’ll Become Obsessed With

You’ve been looking for the most fool proof method of password protection. There are many ways to do it, but if you rely on your device to store them and then lose your device in the ocean, then what? The fear may wrack your brain daily. Try a system like 1Password where you can put your passwords in one place, or as many places as you like.

This password system will keep your passwords safe, and you can put it on as many devices as you want. It works like many other password automation tools, but you don’t have the fear of losing your passwords if you lose one device. This tool also helps you to generate passwords and store records easily.

Become More Productive

Just when you thought you couldn’t be more productive, along came more tools to help. 

Imagine a world where you had a few more minutes of couch time every day, or some couch time at all. Bring these apps and real-time tools to your life and start to implement them into your work life every day. 

You’ll notice a few minutes here and there begin to make a difference and make you feel more productive. You’ll have days where you don’t feel like the boss because you have too much on your plate, but these days will bring more boss babe days back. Tell us which ones work the best for you when you do. 


  1. Amazing blog Jenny. I am not a lady boss but I have learnt great tips here which not only helps women but men too in being productive.

    I agree with the use of the digital timer it seems to be quite effective overall. As the year has kick started being a busy lady boss comes with lots of tasks attached to this role. The boss handles more strategic tasks that will determine the success or failure of the company. Lots of choices are made by the person in the lead thus these tools help in such cases✔

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