ad collaborative post // Being spontaneous in your relationship is something that shouldn’t be neglected. It can bring you and your partner closer together and provide the quality time you need to talk and just enjoy each other’s company. Here are our recommendations for spontaneous ideas to treat your partner.

Candlelit Dinner at Home

Surprise your partner with a spontaneous candlelit dinner for the ultimate treat. Not only is a homemade dinner delicious, but it’s also extra sweet because you went the extra mile to buy, prepare and cook the meal.

Plan an evening with your partner’s favourite food including a tasty dessert, candles, and music to give a romantic atmosphere. This is a fantastic way to surprise your partner and enjoy some quality time and great food. You can also try adding a game to the evening to add some laughs!

Surprise With a Flower Delivery

Flowers are a classic way to treat your partner that will never not be the perfect surprise. There are so many beautiful flowers available that can instantly improve a person’s mood. There are florists available all over the UK and are easily accessible through google by searching, for example, ‘florists in Reigate’ or by word of mouth.

Flowers are versatile as they can be ordered in advance of a special occasion or can be ordered on the day to be delivered to your partner’s work, home or anywhere else they may be.

Book A Table at The Newest Restaurant in Town

Plan a date night by booking a table at the newest restaurant in town for one night during the week or a weekend. Go the extra mile by booking any bars for drinks after and book taxis home to make a real night of it.

Planning a date night like this shows your partner you’re thinking of ways to treat them that you know they will like. It’s a great option for celebrating, or simply just getting out and having fun together.

Plan a Trip Somewhere You Haven’t Been Before

You don’t have to book expensive holidays to treat your partner. Visiting a new museum, art gallery, park or any other new place is an adventure they’ll surely love.

Depending on your partner’s interests can determine the trip you take. For example, if they’re an avid hiker, research where the best hikes nearby are. If they love to visit the beach, plan a road trip to a beach you haven’t visited before for a romantic and relaxing day out.

Make Them Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it can be super romantic too! Make breakfast in bed for your partner as the ultimate treat. Make their favourite breakfast such as pancakes or bacon and eggs alongside their favourite morning drink to create a perfect morning. Choose a recipe that is simple to follow and make sure your timings are on point to reduce any stress and make sure everything is hot when it reaches your partner.

Go For A Last Minute Picnic

Planning a spontaneous picnic to treat your partner can be super exciting! It’s a great opportunity to enjoy nature with your favourite snacks. To make the picnic work, make sure you pack simple picnic foods such as fruits and veggies, crisps and dip, classic sandwiches and other snacks like sausage rolls.

Pack all your food in a basket or cool box and get in the car to the ideal location. This could be a park, hike or nature reserve where you can enjoy ultimate calm.

Create a Unique Playlist That Reminds You of Them & Share It With Them

Playlists are a fantastic way to treat your partner whilst taking a trip down memory lane. Think about songs that remind you of specific times in your life (such as special occasions, trips, or random memories) or songs you know they love. Share it with your partner to enjoy on their commute to work or listen together to share memories and nostalgic feelings.


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